In this era of digital disruption, every enterprise needs to catch up with the pace of emerging technologies to deliver superior customer experience and stay competitive and relevant. Becoming a digital enterprise requires organizations to get their IT right if they need to succeed in their digital transformation strategy. For capitalizing the digital transformation opportunities, many organizations are now embracing agile infrastructures like hybrid cloud including public and private platforms that allows them to rapidly develop and deploy new features, innovate faster, and change the way they interact with their customers, partners, and suppliers. HCL’s Cloud Native Services are aimed to help businesses navigate through the digital transformation journey seamlessly.

Red Hat® Summit is the premier open source technology event showcasing the latest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies. The summit brings together customers, partners, industry thought leaders, and community contributors to learn, network, and experience the full potential of open source.

HCL is a silver sponsor of the Red Hat Summit 2019. We will be showcasing our next–generation IT transformation and operations capabilities and offerings to deliver a holistic application PaaS solution, accelerating the process of building modern digital and Cloud-native applications for Next Generation Enterprises.  Since 2003, HCL and Red Hat jointly have been delivering open source solutions for their enterprise customers. HCL together with Red Hat offers comprehensive, innovative and flexible technology solutions to achieve better ROI, freedom from vendor lock-in and enhanced interoperability for the customers.

Key Offerings

Our key offerings are:

  • Cloud Native Offerings

    Reach a “Cloud State-of-Mind” – Achieve your business goals and build a foundation for agile innovation with highly automated and flexible cloud solutions

  • Next-Generation Data Center Offerings

    Secure, Efficient and Reliable infrastructure - private cloud, virtualized and bare-metal

  • Modern Application offerings

    Modern, web-scale, dynamic applications coexisting and cooperating with traditional workloads

Meet the team of Cloud Native experts at the event and kick start a meaningful Cloud-related conversation.