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Many organizations are still struggling to understand SAP S/4HANA, the opportunities it offers, and the way to get there. Transform with “greenfield,” or upgrade with “brownfield”? Consolidate or implement SAP Central Finance? Arrange hosting, or take SAP’s offer? What is the benefits case?

Our free workshops are designed to help you understand your options– so you can better evaluate the best way forward for your organization.

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Register here to qualify for a free half-day workshop, where we’ll bring a multi-discplinary team to work with you and your team to understand what SAP S/4HANA means for your organization. We’ll explore roadmap options, process impacts, cloud hosting, conversion, innovation, benefits, and architecture. After the workshop, you’ll receive a report of our recommended S/4HANA journey for your organization, including an outline roadmap, challenges, influences, key decisions, and next steps.

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