We live in interesting times. Never before in corporate history have as many promising breakthrough technologies been available, and as many businesses ready to capitalize on them. Leading from the front is the Internet of Things that is connecting the world like never before, transforming businesses the world over. It is this agenda that brings together key decision makers, customers, partners, influencers, and analytics experts (and of course, us) to the KAP Centre, Frankfurt on July 11th - 12th.

At HCL, we’ve believed in the transformative power of IoT even before the term came about, and have built strong value-creating, award-winning solutions around that belief through IoT WoRKSTM, our focused Internet of Things business unit.

About IoT WoRKS

IoT WoRKSTM helps organizations unlock business value by offering end-to-end IoT services across three phases: Define, Build and Run. We believe its transformative impact is a direct outcome of the Things>Data>Process>People model, that starts by Iotizing Things, connecting the assets to a Data platform, and then using that data to take business decisions that positively impact an enterprise’s Processes and People. Today IoT WoRKSTM is recognized as a market leader in IoT by four leading analyst firms and continues to strengthen its leadership position in fast growing global IoT services and consulting market.

We are showcasing this thinking at the SAP Leonardo Live event along with a few demos of connected ecosystems through IoT that unlock real business value at the enterprise level.