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DRYiCE @ ScienceLogic Symposium 2019


In today’s hyper-connected, data-crazed world, global enterprises are adopting technology solutions across all core and non-core enterprise elements. However, in the journey of becoming a Digital Enterprise, businesses are losing focus from the most important stakeholder – customers. To proactively use IT as a strategic partner, a change from technology obsession to customer centricity is required.

On the back of deep industry and engineering expertise, HCL has carved out a dedicated business unit – DRYiCE which has created architectural building blocks required to model an enterprise on Anything-as-a-Service theme. DRYiCE focuses on building industry-leading software products for transforming and simplifying IT and business operations by leveraging AI and cloud.

DRYiCE will be participating at the ScienceLogic Symposium 2019 and will be showcasing how enterprises can create a service-centric landscape by leveraging DRYiCE products.



Clayton Ching | Global Head of Product Management – DRYiCE by HCL Technologies

Topic: Anything as a Service – From Technology Obsession to Customer Obsession

Date/Time: 25th April 2019 | 1:15PM to 1.45PM EDT

Venue: Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC, USA


SMART Workforce
DRYiCE SX is a digital age cloud native, service catalog aggregation and fulfillment orchestration platform which can aggregate diversified catalogs for any kind of services from multiple suppliers. It allows CIOs & Business Leaders to plug the growing gap between user expectations & experiences by allowing enterprise suppliers and consumers to connect for business transactions in a XaaS (Everything as a Service) ecosystem.

To know more about DRYiCE SX, please download the brochure.

Smart Manufacturing
DRYiCE XaaS Service Management (XSM) is a cloud-native solution that powers an enterprise to manage the catalog sprawl across the enterprise, giving the client the ability to plug and play catalogs seamlessly. It is a single source of obtaining any service or related information providing full control over the lifecycle of a request.

To know more about DRYiCE XSM, download the brochure.

Smart Product
DRYiCE iAutomate
DRYiCE iAutomate brings in the power of AI, ML, and NLP for smart runbook automation through extensive use of proprietary NLP algorithms and knowledge analysis in conjunction with orchestration engines. It provides robust, end-to-end incident remediation and task automation across the infrastructure and applications landscape by leveraging a repository of configurable and reusable runbooks.

To know more about DRYiCE iAutomate, download the brochure.

DRYiCE Lucy is HCL’s cognitive virtual assistant. An enterprise-proven product which could automate industry-wide use cases through smart conversations, by leveraging enterprise-grade Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. DRYiCE Lucy has been trained for 600+ business and IT use cases, a subset of which is available OOB along with a cognitive console for enabling powerful integrations.

To know more about DRYiCE Lucy, download the brochure.