Security Service Edge (SSE): Enabling better enterprise security | HCLTech


In line with growing industry trends, Security Service Edge (SSE) addresses the core challenges enterprises face when it comes to cloud computing, secure edge computing, remote work, and digital transformation. As enterprises embrace software and infrastructure as a service (SaaS, IaaS) and other cloud applications, data is increasingly distributed outside of on-premises data centers. Additionally, an increasing number of mobile and remote users are connecting to cloud applications and data from anywhere in the world over any connection. According to Gartner, Security service edge (SSE) helps enterprises solve these problems and secure access to the web, cloud services, and private applications.

This closed door virtual event features key leaders from Zscaler and HCLTech who will provide insights on security metrics, threat vectors, and solutions to consider as you strive to establish a long-term security roadmap for your company. In this session you will be gaining an experts view on SSE and how it helps enterprises in building a secure cloud & digital transformation program.

Key takeaways for you from this session:

  1. What is SSE and its importance for my organization
  2. Key capabilities and technologies covered under SSE
  3. Best practices to address complex multi & hybrid cloud scenarios with SSE



Tony Fergusson, Director of Transformation Strategy at Zscaler

Tony has 25years of enterprise IT experience with a strong understating of the enterprise landscape and executive engagement focused on network and security transformation, this includes designing and managing complex IT infrastructure to enable and secure the enterprise. Before joining Zscaler as Director of Transformation strategy, Tony was at MAN Energy Solutions (a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group) where he spent 11-years as an IT Infrastructure Architect and led the company's award-winning Zero Trust initiative using ZPA to secure the company. Tony has been an active member of Customer Advisory Boards, Technical Advisory Council, and contributor to the CIO Journey book.