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HCL@ServiceNow Knowledge19


The growing awareness and desire of global enterprises to Digitally Transform into a Next Gen organization mandates that IT be more agile and lead the transformation to be “Digitally Ready.”

While enterprises are increasingly focusing on Automation, AI, IoT, and Blockchain to be the flag-bearer of their transformation journey, it is imperative that there is an equal, if not more, focus on strengthening enterprise service management. An effective service-centric framework enables enterprises to replicate the principles of IT service management across all domains.

On the back of deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, HCL has created an ecosystem of software products and frameworks which empower enterprises to deploy an enterprise-wide service model. This holistic ecosystem is based on the ServiceNow platform and focuses on generating maximum revenue from ServiceNow implementation.

ServiceNow is an industry leading ITSM solution provider, and HCL is gratified to be its Global Gold Partner – Sales and Services. We have over 200 joint customers with ServiceNow and look forward to growing this number. HCL runs one of the largest ServiceNow multi-tenant MSP environment in the world and has created a flourishing app-ecosystem around ServiceNow platform.

We at HCL are excited to participate in the ServiceNow Knowledge’19 conference. We will be showcasing how enterprises can create a service-centric landscape by leveraging industry-leading HCL products.


Rajiv Nandra, Associate Vice President | HCL DRYiCE – Service Orchestration
Topic: ‘Everything as a Service (XaaS)’
Date/Time: 8th May, 2019 | 11:30 to 11:45 AM, PST
Venue: TheatreNow #1668, Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas

Expertise: Enterprise service Management Consulting, IP Development, Implementation and Operations of Leading Service Management Solutions

Achievements: Designed and built 1st of its kind multi-tenant ITSM environment, delivered to global customers in Software-as-a-Service model, using BMC Remedy in 2008 and later using ServiceNow® in 2012.


SMART Workforce
DRYiCE Gold BluePrint

DRYiCE Gold BluePrint is the process ecosystem of HCL best practices, involving a group of service management processes along with their operating environment. This coupled with ServiceNow platform provides a powerful tool to manage enterprise IT services.

Smart Manufacturing
HCL Enterprise Service Management

HCL’s ESM solution enables organizations to take the service delivery principles beyond IT. ESM provides a platform for users that is spread across various departments within an organization. It is an approach to provide customers (internal/external) with value in the form of services through the adoption of best practices.