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Siemens PLM Americas 2018


Siemens PLM Connection Americas, hosted by PLM World, is the largest conference of its kind. It brings together PLM World members, partners, and Siemens PLM Software employees looking to provide the industry leading collaborative network for exchanging ideas, information and best practices enabling customer success and influencing the future direction of software development.

We welcome you to join us at Siemens PLM Connection Americas to learn how we are helping global enterprises lead digital transformation by leveraging new age technologies.

At the event, HCLTech will be showcasing its next generation services and solutions that help global enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital era, enabling them to thrive in this age of disruption.

Enterprises are at a profound shift point, driven by the disruptive role of new age technologies. To succeed, apart from embracing these technologies, it is imperative to integrate into this wave by transitioning to agile, experience centric, service oriented, ecosystem driven and outcome-based model that continually adapt to a dynamic market.

 HCLTech helps global enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital era, enabling them to thrive in this age of disruption.

Solution Showcase



A collaboration platform that enables process based design and engineering data exchange securely between partners for global engineering.



A fully integrated and collaborative environment founded on 3D product definition (MBD) detailed and shared across the enterprise; to enable rapid, seamless, and affordable contextual consumption of engineering data.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing solutions aligned to Industry 4.0 to achieve manufacturing excellence by integrating engineering, manufacturing and supplier value chain

Active workspace – user experience

Active workspace – user experience

Enabling business users transform to improved user experiences by leveraging active workspace.



Design for manufacturing software, helps engineers identify and correct downstream issues early in the design stag

DevOps-Cloud framework

DevOps-Cloud framework

A customized adoption framework that provides an agile, data-driven and end-to-end DevOps solutions for Cloud deployment to ensure quantifiable outcomes.

Expert Speakers

Solution Session – 1
Integrated Issue Management

Smart Issue Management system has become a prerequisite for successful quality management today at every stage of product lifecycle, which demands automations, prioritizations, analytics and planning to maximize quality. Learn how integrated issue management developed on Teamcenter issue management with industry specific accelerators, helps analyse issues and prepare smart reports, provides traceability and reduce time on identifying issues.

Primary Presenter: Vipul Singhal, Sr. Solutions Architect, HCLTech
Secondary Presenter: Rajendra Magadum, PLM COE Head, HCLTech

Location: Room# 123
Date: June 6
Time: 9:15 AM

Pranav Khurjekar
Solution Session – 2
Connected Factories and Digital Manufacturing with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has provided a vision for the Digital transformation of the Manufacturing industry. This covers both discrete and process(Continuous) manufacturing processes. Let’s focus on the digital transformation of the discrete manufacturing process involving multiple type of steps including assembly, machining operations, supply chain, tool design and management, process planning etc.

Shantanu Rai, Global Director - Digital Manufacturing & Industry 4.0, HCLTech

Location: Room# 223
Date: June 6
Time: 3:00 PM

Pranav Khurjekar
Knowledge Theatre Session
Composite Design Best Practices and Manufacturability validation with DFMPro for NX

DFMPro now enables design engineers to leverage new composite module capabilities to perform quick manufacturability validation during design stage and release right and high quality designs quickly for manufacturing. Get introduced to the latest DFMPro for NX Composite module and learn how design engineers can benefit from quick validation for manufacturability of composite designs.

Pranav Khurjekar, Solutions Consultant, HCLTech

Location: KT3
Date: Wednesday, Jun 6
Time: 9:40 AM