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University of St. Gallen -HCL Technologies Collaboration


HCLTech and University of St. Gallen, Switzerland- A unique academic collaboration

HCLTech believes in building an ecosystem to grow as well benefit all its stakeholders. As part of HCLTech’s strategic decision to grow our alliances in DACH region, we have invested in academic alliances. The new partnership with University of St. Gallen will bring industry-focused skill development to HCLTech and its customers to better meet the challenges of digital transformation. As part of this collaboration, University of St. Gallen will conduct an independent research to uncover the impact of technology changes on talent.

Objective of the Research

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 75 million jobs are expected to be displaced by 2022 in 20 major economies. At the same time, however, technological advances and new ways of working could create 133 million jobs. These new positions – resulting from demographic shifts and economic changes, including rapid growth in new products and services and new technologies like automation, machine learning, big data analytics and cloud – will require massive reskilling of the workforce. As financial institutions, businesses, think tanks and governments look to prepare for the challenges ahead, there are pressing concerns on what route should they take. For the Swiss financial industry, the risks are even higher. Substitution effects can have a strong impact on the labour market. Objective of the research is to up-skill & re-skill local talent to stay relevant in the industry in the face of changing technology like AI, Automation, Cloud, Digital and Analytics.

Gallen University
Gallen University

Events at A Glance


HCLTech- ST. GALLEN UNIVERSITY ROUNDTABLE                                                                                   



HCLTech, in partnership with University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, jointly hosted an exclusive and invitation-only executive roundtable in Zurich on January 15, 2020. The event fostered an engaging discussion on research conducted by the department of Information Management of the university. The research is conducted on the topic – "Future trends and requirements in educating and re-educating the workforce in the financial industry."

The objective of our study was to understand the implications of recent developments in the financial industry for the management of the workforce

Topics of discussion

The roundtable discussion will take place on the below mentioned topics that are particularly relevant for leaders and executives in the Swiss banking and insurance industry:


Customer Experience Design

Organizations need to focus on how to provide exceptional customer experience to so that they are at the top of customer’s mind


Incubation and Innovation

How to enable horizontal connects within organization, counter fierce competition and enable meaningful experiences


Agility and Agile Culture

Implementing agile in a meaningful way is a cultural change that challenges existing structural process. This can be addressed with organizational flexibility


Digital Workforce Enablement

Organizations need to enable workforce to use new collaboration tools


Simplification of the application landscape

Implementation of a simplification strategy is an opportunity to increase speed to market


Automation & Efficiency Programmes

Many simple and repetitive tasks will be automated in the future


With this roundtable, University of St. Gallen will be publishing a research report with findings and conclusions duly incorporated to give a better view on the effect that technology is having on talent. It will give us an idea whether re-education of financial services workforce is a must or it is just a hoax.

This report by Information Management department of University of St. Gallen will be based on real-time interviews of CXOs, CXO-1 and decision makers of top financial institutions.