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The European Union’s General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR) promises to alter the data protection landscape for individuals as well as businesses handling the data. Noncompliance isn’t an option as it would cost companies heavily.

The GDPR sets new standards for consumer rights in relation to data. Enterprises are scampering to put in place processes and systems in order to comply before the regulation is implemented on May 25, 2018.

The situation is complicated by Brexit. The UK is expected to implement the regulation even after leaving the European Union.

Befuddled organizations can turn to experts for advice on how to best comply with the GDPR. Join us for a session on Beyond GDPR and Brexit: Mitigating Risk and Adapting your Enterprise on 17th April in London. The session will offer participants complete security framework and technology solutions. It will arm organizations for the new obligations beyond the GDPR and requirements that the regulation will soon introduce.

The session has a threefold agenda. It will help participants understand how to mitigate risk and optimize security investments for life beyond the GDPR. The session will also cover why organizations should factor in the GDPR and Brexit as part of their cybersecurity strategy. In addition, it will discuss a security framework to get the cybersecurity posture right.

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HCLTech Speaker
Renju Varghese, Fellow and Chief Architect, Cybersecurity, HCLTech

Renju has been with HCLTech for the last 18 years, having served in key positions across different businesses. He joined HCLTech’s E- secure team in Mumbai, where he was instrumental in running critical Data centre migration and Application Consolidation projects. He has been a key influencer in kick-starting the Governance Rick and Compliance (GRC) practice at HCLTech. In his current role, he serves as a Fellow and Chief Architect of the Cybersecurity and GRC business.