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Straight Talk Financial Services Summit (Hague)


As new devices and platforms continuously changes the technology landscape in which we operate, there is a large portion of the population whose relationship with -financial services organizations remain tenuous.  Millennials, with the availability of options around them, are more often than not, undertaking financial transactions without the bank as the intermediary. Platforms such as Google, Amazon and Alibaba are redefining and reimaging -financial services for this crucial target group, much of who remain severely under-banked or unbanked. On similar lines, insurers are increasingly redefining the way they interact with the millennials.  

As the digital generation races towards an uncertain and fractured future, trust in big banks and financial services institutions are becoming a challenge. Banks and -financial services need to tailor their technologies and service offerings to build a new generation of millennial customers – future-proofing their business from the onslaught of digital competitors. This is an exclusive conference addressing the challenges that -financial services -firms face as millennials disrupt traditional business models and device mobility ushers new-age competition for banks and FIs.

The event is meant to be a showcase of our commitment to understanding the business environment we operate it and learn from our partners and customers on how we can add more business value, in this age of disruption.   This Summit is being presented in association with Straight Talk, a platform for peer-to-peer exchange of professional insights among CXOs, sponsored by HCLTech. The Summit will be followed by an unforgettable experience at the Last Leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, the next day, 30th June, 2018.  Please register for the event. We will get back to you, based on our screening criteria and available seats.

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Key leaders from the financial services and fintech industry will be joining in to discuss how technology is driving a new consumption pattern for millennials and what strategies should banks and FIs adopt to attract them. The format will be Keynote Addresses, followed by a Fire-Side Chat and a Panel Discussion.





Knut Frostad

Board Member, VOR


Simon Andrews

CIO Group Services, ING Bank


Anke Schlichting