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Technology and Innovation Conclave

Technology and Innovation Conclave

CIO 2028: Leading the Future

The rapid evolution of technology, changing business priorities, and global shift of power are compelling CIOs within the industry to reevaluate their IT Target Operating Model components. The way these components are prioritized today will be instrumental in shaping the role of CIOs in the future.

In cognizance of this shift, HCLTech, global technology service provider, and Institute of Information Management, University of St. Gallen is collaborating to capture the evolving components of IT target operating model and its impact on the role of CIO. This one-of-a-kind collaboration is aimed at throwing light on key business priorities for the CIO community and the competencies that would create resilient enterprises.

The program will follow a three-phased approach that will provide a networking platform for the leaders to capture their insights, document their findings, and disseminate the results.

Conceptualizing Ideas

In this phase, we are organizing Technology and Innovation Conclave to bring together business leaders, technology experts, and communities to capture the elements of change and ideate on the future IT target model for banks and insurance companies. The team will conduct a thorough investigation of the topic, gathering information through survey, reports, academic articles, and interviews with experts in the field.

The Technology and Innovation Conclave will be held thrice this year to effectively cover various elements and themes that influence the CIO role.

Clustering Insights

The second phase involves compilation of the insights, including setting priorities, tasks, structure, behavior, timeline, and resources that define success for CIOs and lead the change. At this phase, the teams will begin drafting the book content, along with the contributions from the experts to make more effective and engaging.

Disseminating Results

The final phase of the program involves dissemination of the insights, in the form of book. Our leaders and authors will shed more light on the insights to help CIOs embrace change, solve problems, and build more customer-centric and value-driven IT operating model.

Upcoming Technology and Innovation Conclave

The Technology and Innovation Conclave is aimed at bringing together CIOs, technology experts, and business leaders to develop common ideas around the CIO role in the financial services industry. The discussions during the conclave will be focused on:

  • The recent trends such as cloud transformation, artificial intelligence, workplace modernization, ‘Green in IT’, and the overall future of IT
  • The impact of the recent technology trends on the role of CIO in the financial services industry
  • Success stories and pitfalls of digital transformation in the financial services sector
  • The key competencies of the future CIO role in the banking and insurance sectors and similar overlapping roles, such as the Chief Digital Officer and the Chief Data Officer
  • The way IT will be managed and steered in a rapidly digitized financial services industry
  • The most effective set up for digital transformation
  • The evolving components of the IT target operating model in the financial services sector
Technology and Innovation Conclave

Panelists and Details

The session at conclave will be hosted by Professor Walter Brenner from University of St. Gallen, Sudip Lahiri, Head of Financial Services, Europe, HCLTech, and Dr. Mario Crameri, Entrepreneur, ex-CIO, Credit Suisse. Leaders from various steams of industry and academia will be at the session to share their experiences and insights into outcome-centric IT target operating models that impact the future of IT in banks and insurance companies.

Venue: Park Hyatt, Zurich, Switzerland

Time: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET