Are you willing to seize every business opportunity and maximize your business results in this era of digital transformation? With physical and digital interactions so closely intertwined, it is a must for businesses to bring systems, people and devices into an innovation continuum through the right platforms and experience. 

Meet us at TIBCO Now 2017 to understand how our modern platform development methodology can maximize business value and transform digital experience through:

  1. AD Paas – An intelligent platform model for automating TIBCO development
  2. ALMSmart – An extensive DevOps framework for TIBCO platform
  3. ROAR – Infusing analytics into TIBCO platform implementations for operations intelligence and self-healing

HCL is a Platinum Sponsor at TIBCO NOW 2017. Meet our experts to understand how our innovative solutions, tools and accelerators can maximize business value on your digital journey. In addition to our platform development approach, explore our solutions on:

  • Code Generation BW6- BusinessWorks 6.x Code Generation utility is a template based generation of BusinessWorks 6x Service code. With the initial template, taking care of the project code implementation standards, the developer can focus on the core business logic implementation, thus minimizing the exceptions or errors during review and testing. The service code generation saves nearly 20-25% of the total service delivery time eventually aiding the team and customer in rapid delivery of services.
  • BW 5.x to BWCE Migration Utility – These days cloud containers have been credited with increasing competitiveness through cost reduction, greater flexibility, elasticity and optimal resource utilization. To support this functionality, TIBCO has introduced a Business Works Container Edition. We can migrate any existing Tibco BW 5.x project to BWCE project with a few exceptions through the help of migration utility/framework provided by HCL, where it can be deployed either in Docker or Cloud Foundry.



Keynote Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Topic: Seven habits of effective Digital Transformation Journey

Date: 7th June, 2017

Speaker: Sachin Bajaj, VP, Digital and Analytics Services, HCL Technologies

Topic: Digital Platform Customer Success Journey– “Track & Trace “ Parcel Delivery Revolution

Date: 7th June, 2017

Speakers: Maurice Leah, Sr Director Solutions, Digital and Analytics Services, HCL Technologies