Why attend VMworld 2018

Businesses of today are gearing up to be able to create, launch, change and adapt at hyper-speed and scale. With business moving so fast, can they afford to wait for IT to catch up? Can they wait for IT to follow time-tested processes to spin up the resources required to power business initiatives?

For CIOs and IT leaders, it boils down to the basic IT infrastructure that today needs to scale up to support new business initiatives that are powered by Digital platforms with 24-hour release cycles. The answer is Cloud or more specifically, “Software-Defined Infrastructure” (SDI). SDI allows IT Infrastructure to be flexible, automatable, programmable, scalable and service oriented.

VMworld is a pre-eminent forum for cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology professionals. Attendees will discover new methods and solutions to increase business agility, improve customer experience, identify greater cost efficiencies, and produce faster time-to-innovation in their infrastructure and application modernization journeys.

  • Learn from top industry experts about what matters most today in IT
  • Connect, collaborate and explore ideas with 23,000+ fellow attendees

Why Meet with HCL Technologies

Meet us at VMworld 2018, where we are a Platinum sponsor, to understand how our VVD 4.1 certified SDI solutions can help your business with faster time to innovation and greater cost efficiencies.

Simply fill out the form to schedule a meeting with our SDI experts to learn:

  • How HCL’s SDI solution will impact your business
  • How our SDI assessment framework can help you plan your IT roadmap
  • How HCL’s SDI framework, VelocITy, provides endto-end service delivery, accelerates time to market, and reduces TCO up to 30% vis a vis traditional solutions
  • How VelocITy can enable a significant reduction in deployment timeline (up to 60% using automated deployment toolkit for VMware related environments)
  • How our dedicated CoE and SDI innovation lab can help create PoCs for your business
  • Discuss with HCL SMEs learnings, risks, mitigation plan based on HCL’s experience of executing large complex SDI projects