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With innovation and deep expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. By leveraging advanced technologies in digital, cloud, engineering and new and notable technologies like GenAI and sustainability solutions, we enable financial institutions to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences and drive growth. We help navigate the complexities of the financial services technology landscape with disruptive capabilities that capitalize on game-changing trends.


Key Pillars of Transformation Delivery

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

  • Core platform transformation
  • Cloud transformation
  • Composable technology architecture
  • Digital at scale
Fueling innovation

Fueling innovation

  • IP-based ecosystem
  • Leveraging GenAI
  • Experiential spaces
  • ESG and sustainable finance
Delivering efficiency

Delivering efficiency

  • Integrated technology run
  • Intelligent automation and integration
  • Operating model transformation
  • Outcome-based partnership

Leader Quote


The financial services industry is at an inflection point: Striking the right balance between innovation and efficiency engineering will be key to supercharging progress with streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience and accelerated growth. As financial institutions get ready to surf the next wave of disruption, HCLTech’s next-gen capabilities are uniquely placed to help our clients navigate the evolving digital landscape. We will help them capitalize on game-changing trends that bring together the best technology, ecosystems and people.”

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Srinivasan Seshadri Chief Growth Officer and Head of Financial Services

Analysts Perspectives

“BFSI firms of all sizes have pressing requirements for digital progress and a natural proclivity for financially engineered deals. HCLTech is there for you.”

Elena Christopher

Elena Christopher

Chief Research Officer, HFS

“Partnerships are becoming critical in the industry's journey to transform and scale their digital capabilities and operations; HCLTech has shown that it understands the value of being client centric in supporting the institution's goals.”

Jerry Silva

Jerry Silva

Vice President Financial Insights, IDC

“HCLTech's extensive experience with projects involving industry clouds and partners is positioning the company well for the future.”

Nadia Ballard

Nadia Ballard

Research Manager, IDC

“HCLTech’s ability to work across its partner ecosystem and implement and manage associated solutions enables it to provide frictionless experiences for clients and capture new engagements.”

Patrick Hefferman

Patrick Heffernan

Principal Analyst, TBR

“In a crowded IT services market, HCLTech’s banking and financial services solutions shine like a diamond.”

Kelly Lesiczka

Kelly Lesiczka

Senior Analyst, TBR