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P&C Insurance

Like every other industry, P&C Carriers are grappling with rising customer expectations as well as digital technologies that enables leverage of the ever-expanding sources of data, to gain intelligence that can aid actionable insights.

The challenging trends pose an opportunity for carriers to focus on a business value driven digital transformation enabling improvements in core outcomes like Customer engagement, profitable growth, improved loss ratio, improved Underwriting profit and loss mitigation.

With deep Industry Expertise working with leading carriers and Customer Experience focused Engineering DNA, HCLTech delivers Digital Transformation for P&C Carriers.

HCLTech PaCS (Payment & Card Solutions)

Business Situation



  • Significant cannibalization in New business due to a saturated market
  • Industrywide focus on profitable growth - underwriting improvements, Loss Mitigation and expense reduction
  • Increasing focus on personalization fueled by digital technologies including IoT/Telematics, Analytics and AI/ML
  • Pricing pressures and premium amount still being a key differentiator
  • Technology and “Tech” Insurer disruptions beginning to create impact
  • Increasing regulatory requirements

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White papers




Success Story

CFT- Payment Transactions Processing
US based fortune 200 financial services firm

Strategic Partner for innovation and Tranformation

ADM and Analytics offerings

Business Problem:

More than 40% of claims involving suspicious or fraudulent behavior would be manually referred to Special Investigation Unit (SIU) which is cumbersome.

HCLTech Solution:
  • To identify, capture and store fraud rules that will refer a loss systematically
  • To provide capabilities for SIU to access referral, accept or decline referral, create and assign investigation, document investigation details, complete the final resolution details and close the investigation.
  • To provide on-line capabilities to SIU to View, select, enter, associate, maintain and delete Internal and External Investigators.
  • To Provide SIU the ability to utilize the work management capabilities
Client Benefits:
  • Effective increase of 97% referrals comparing to previous year
  • Project benefits are associated with increased operational capacity to distribute, handle and status investigations, and overall Revenue
  • The projected total tangible benefits for the 3 years are  USD 23.6M
One of the largest private auto-insurer in USA
US based large personal carrier

ADM partner for core systems and COTS products

  • Reduce time for loss reporting by process improvement
  • Enhance customer service by integration with service providers
  • Increase claims handling efficiency


  • Data Model enhancement
  • New Screen development
  • Business Rules development
  • Activity Patterns
  • Work-Flow Development


  • Integration point between ATLAS and mainframe systems, Contact Center, CCC etc.
  • Batch server
  • Creation of Web services
  • Enabling Messaging and processing
Client Benefits:
  • Improved Time-to-market through “follow-the-sun” model. Up to 30% improvement in cycle time.
  • Better work distribution for accelerated implementation
  • Reduced Total Cost of implementation – Up to 50% cost efficiencies with optimal offshore leverage.
  • Flexibility and scalability – Manage workload variations/spikes, attrition risks
  • Leverage Industry best practices – Learning's from other HCLTech implementations
  • Utilize IP and frameworks like DICAT for improvements in speed, quality and time-to-market.
  • Year-on-year efficiencies through productivity improvements, reusable components and knowledge management
Integrated Cash Management portal for Large Global Bank
A Germany based multinational Insurer

Strategic partner for Core systems, integrations and ADM Services

A US Based Multiline Insurance Carrier
US Based multiline carrier

COTS implementation, upgrades, Data Migration, Integrations

  • Workers Compensation Claims System currently running on legacy to be replaced by Claim Centre and the interfaces to redeveloped accordingly
  • Current Pain points of customer:
    • No Business agility
    • 'Ease of Maintenance' is low in the legacy application
    • Unable to incorporate new business rules without changing core code
  • Complete migration from Legacy system to claims
  • Configured Claim Center application screens and database
  • Client system rules configured into Claim Center
  • Client system organizational structure built into Claim Center
Client Benefit:
  • Benefit in terms of cost and time on business requirement change adoption
  • SOA based approach provides smooth transition to the desired state
  • ClaimsDataMart as central point for all analytical reports
  • More reusable and loose coupled services provide business agility
Consumer Cards – Loyalty (Business Process Monitoring)
US based commercial insurer

Strategic partner, Core systems, upgrades, Portal and data initiatives

  • US based stock insurer, is a property and casualty insurance company with experience insuring American businesses since 1912
  • "A" rated (Excellent) property and casualty insurance company licensed in all 50 states of the US for Commercial Lines
  • Insurer's Special Risk Solutions (Loss Sensitive Program) provides flexibility in terms of Risk and Credit assessment to cater the most profitable clients
  • Perform On-Demand Retrospective Premium Adjustment Calculations on-the-fly
  • Automated Retrospective Premium Calculation System
  • Automatic Retrospective Premium Adjustment System
  • Automatic Invoice Generation for the Retrospective Adjustments
  • Various Reports and Integration feeds to downstream system
  • Dashboard for various users defined as per the system
  • Perform On-Demand Retrospective Premium Adjustment Calculations on-the-fly
  • Data Conversion from existing system to the new system
Client Benefit:
  • 100% Removal of manual effort in Credit Analyst (CA) billing system
  • 100% Automated calculation of complex Retro Rating Algorithms for Retro Analysts (RA)
  • >90% of Retro Analyst’s time saved to focus more on Credit Risk Analysis & Business Development activities
  • 100% accurate Financial Ledger for Subject & Non-Subject premiums
  • User friendly & Flexible Drilled-down Search and Navigation options through Dashboard
  • Faster refund & Instant response to inquiries improves overall Customer satisfaction
  • Manual Retro Adjustment process (120 days) replaced by On-Demand process