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Cloud sits at the intersection of business and technology. HCLTech offers CloudSMART as the strategy your business can use to achieve profitability, revenue growth and competitive differentiation. Businesses look to cloud for speed and the agility to enable leading edge technologies like generative AI. Cloud is one of the levers business use to achieve sustainability targets. Cloud has evolved to be the optimal platform for high performing businesses. CloudSMART provides the framework for leveraging all the capabilities of cloud to transform your business.

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HCLTech SMART Ways are solutions designed to accelerate transformation and enable innovation. SMART Ways accelerate the modernization of applications that run the business and the way data is managed and monetized for competitive advantage. SMART Ways provide the foundational change required to optimize networks, infrastructure and operations while providing for security and governance. By choosing one or more SMART Ways,  business and IT collaborate to master the cloud

How are SMART Ways transforming slow movers to nimble operators of cloud? By using SMART Ways organizations can

Reduce the cost

Reduce the cost of business modernization by implementing cloud native development

Accelerate change

Discover insights lying dormant in your data that will accelerate change

Generative AI

Put your data to work for you by fueling applications using generative AI

global markets using 5G<

Connect the enterprise to global markets using 5G

Increase ROI

Simplify how to leverage financial models to optimize cloud spend and increase ROI

5 Reasons To Trust CloudSMART

A brain trust of cloud consultants and industry experts

A brain trust of cloud consultants and industry experts

Rich Knowledge base of enterprise application and IP developed and supported by HCLTech engineers

Rich Knowledge base of enterprise application and IP developed and supported by HCLTech engineers

Validated cloud reference architecture for high profile industries

Validated cloud reference architecture for high profile industries

Catalogue of industrialized services provides predictable, reliable and cost-effective delivery of cloud services

Catalogue of industrialized services provides predictable, reliable and cost-effective delivery of cloud services

Workforce transformation – transferring competencies for cloud native development and GenAI

Workforce transformation – transferring competencies for cloud native development and GenAI

SMARTWays Enable Agile Response To Change

Adaptive Consulting

Provides several engagement types designed to define and document your cloud strategy. The engagements are designed to close the gap between business and IT. In this way, we take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Data and Analytics

Data is the new business currency. Rely on CloudSMART to modernize how you leverage your data. Securely access and store your data, providing governance and compliance with regional regulations to ethically discover business-impacting insights.

Data and Analytics

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Application Modernization

Focuses on applications as business enablers. This way provides industrialized services to transform enterprise applications located anywhere using standardized and automated processes.

Dynamic Cybersecurity

Provides a comprehensive approach to securing enterprise resources to protect the business, its intellectual property and the privacy of employees, patients and customers.

Connected Cloud

Focuses on the services required to plan, design, implement and operate high-speed network resources, moving functions closer to end users and enterprise endpoints to improve productivity.

Managed Cloud

Provides new ways of working, and new processes to accelerate cloud adoption with managed service best practices.

Industry Solutions

Incorporate HCLTech industry expertise and experience and apply technology to solve specific industry challenges.

CloudSMART Accelerators

CloudSMART Modernization Experience

CloudSMART Modernization Experience

Assisted exploration of how Cloud addresses high priority business outcomes. Customized agendas to ensure high value collaboration between the business and IT. Agendas reflect how to achieve business outcomes, overcome challenges and ensure a resilient, agile cloud journey.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Cloud Center of Excellence

HCLTech establishes an operational unit to model best practices, develop key performance metrics, establish governance and ensure guard rails to achieve financial objectives

Cloud Native Labs

AI & Cloud Native Labs

Move beyond migrate to build new and optimize return on cloud investment. The Labs provide knowledge transfer to elevate your workforce, enable skills acquisition and overcome barriers to cloud adoption.

Gen AI Labs

GenAI Centers of Excellence

The Lab experience provides knowledge transfer and the foundation you need to advance genAI projects and includes how to establish data gravity required to support large language models (LLMs) and how to create and align genAI initiatives to support business objectives.

Is Your Business Ready For The Future?

We meet you where you are. CloudSMART and Industry Solutions takes you where you want to go.

Identify the source

Identify the source

  • Short term reaction to external events
  • Delayed implementation of critical operational changes
  • Underutilized data – isolated in departments
  • Limited understanding of cloud financials
Make intentional cloud adoption a habit
Connect the data

Connect the data

  • Harmonize data estates to reduce operational complexity
  • Ensure analytics driven decision making


  • Advanced data modeling
  • Revenue analytics
  • Modernize first then migrate
  • Cloud native improves ROI
Design for continuous modernization and innovation
Prioritize innovation

Prioritize innovation

  • Select cloud platforms to enable advanced capabilities like generative AI
  • Choose PaaS enabled mission-critical workloads: POS and logistics operations
  • Transform IT to optimize your cloud investment

CloudSMART Industry Solutions

CloudSMART offers a comprehensive framework that enables businesses to identify, analyze and define opportunities for continuous modernization. Simply reacting to changing priorities without a strategic approach can lead to technical debt and financial constraints that limit future investments. With CloudSMART Industry Solutions, HCLTech's experienced industry principals collaborate with you to identify significant business outcomes. We provide a wide range of SMARTWays, HCLTech engineering and IP, as well as industrialized services that align with the specific capabilities of leading global cloud providers. Our solutions are designed to be agile and adaptable to evolving business requirements.

CloudSMART Industry Solutions are catalysts for transformation and innovation.

Supercharge Innovation Across Industries

Technology is rapidly evolving. Successful adoption of leading-edge technology requires a resilient cloud operating model, a practiced understanding of industry use cases and engineering excellence.

At HCLTech, engineering is in our DNA. Through collaboration with our ecosystem cloud providers, we have adapted and extended their cloud platform capabilities with our unique IP to create Industry Solutions. Industry Solutions are designed to ensure our clients remain innovation ready and achieve goals for top line growth and profitability.

  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

  • Healthcare


  • Retail


  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Manufacturing


  • Media, Telecom and Technology

    Media, Telecom and Technology

  • Utilities and Transportation

    Utilities and Transportation

Industry Success Cases