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DWP Situation

The Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis, and the peak and duration of the outbreak are still uncertain, affecting every sector to be on alert mode. As a result, the global population is facing social, cultural, technological, and economic disruptions with much of the world coming to a standstill. A significant number of workers have transitioned to a work-from-home model, and some might find themselves permanently working from home.

The turmoil has brought the spotlight firmly on employee safety and wellbeing. While the immediate physical security of the workforce is the primary objective right now, the management also needs to ensure that the workforce feels safe in the organizational environment.

DWP Impact

The Impact

Businesses are facing enormous and competing challenges and uncharteed waters as they continue to navigate the impact of the pandemic. The crisis demands enterprises to not only make rapid but profoundly informed decisions to protect their employees, partners and, most important, the customers. It also asks for a continuous reevaluation on how employees deliver customer experiences.

The companies are still determining the working pattern in the short- and long-term as employees, worldwide, are working from home. The remote employees are at a constant lookout for information on increasing their productivity, ensuring no cybersecurity threats, along with easy access to shared data.

DWP Action

The Action

As the current situation disrupts the normalcies of business, it is forcing most of the employees to work remotely due to social distancing norms. Companies are exploring capabilities and resources to respond to today’s environment and improve the productivity of their employees.

HCLTech Software’s diverse product offerings are extremely relevant to solving the problems the current pandemic has created for businesses, employees, and customers in terms of connectivity, productivity, experience, agility, and data security. presenting a range of digital solutions.

We are focused on our mission to drive the ultimate customer success with your IT investments through the relentless innovation of our products.

Delivering Customer Success

HCLTech AppScan on Cloud gives a suite of security testing tools, with static, dynamic, and interactive testing for web, mobile, and open-source software, detecting security vulnerabilities regardless of your location.

Companies are striving to adopt work-from-home methods to ensure business continuity during COVID-19. HCLTech BigFix helps make this change easier by enabling secure and remote telework with endless patching and compliance management, with or without VPN.

With cities undergoing lockdowns, people are altering their shopping habits. HCLTech Commerce is an enterprise eCommerce platform with the finest storefront delivering a seamless experience. It also allows a website to handle traffic peaks without compromising user experience.

Global health crises are disturbing many marketing trends and buyers’ actions. HCLTech Unica allows you to create, execute, and track inbound and outbound campaigns, supporting on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments, giving you peace of mind during emergencies.

ZIE for Windows is a time-tested emulator that runs as an applet in a browser, or as a stand-alone Java application on a client desktop, independent of its operating system. The product license flexibility supports the ability of telecommuters, fostering a BYOD culture.

Now, more than ever, we need to stay vigilant, connected, and productive. HCLTech Digital Experience is a reliable, scalable, and proven platform that powers the complex and demanding needs of business-critical digital experiences.

During crises, supply chains can’t break, and payroll processes can’t be disturbed—your teams need to be able to solve challenges in real-time. HCLTech Domino, a rapid, app-dev platform, allows you to build apps and processes to solve any challenge fast.

The global shift to remote work has IT units scrambling, and business apps need to be built quickly. Powered by HCLTech Domino, Domino Volt lets you build low-code apps to manage workflows, automate prioritization, and create assignments—lighting fast.

HCLTech Connections, a powerful productivity platform, powers your people even in times of crises with real-time, secure communication and file-sharing. Organizations can create rapid-response communities to address company-wide issues and concerns.

HCLTech Sametime offers instant messaging, file-sharing, and online meetings with enterprise-grade security that companies require today. As Sametime works even when offline, teams can use it to convey vital information — from anywhere.

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