HCL’s VelocITy framework provides a holistic approach to SDI deployment encompassing people, processes, and technology. The VelocITy VMware Validated Design creates an experience centric landscape – enabling customers to focus on performance and outcomes, instead of underlying infrastructure.

VMware Validated Design (VVD) provides comprehensive and extensively tested blueprints to build and operate a software-defined private cloud. Empowered by VVD, VelocITy delivers holistic software driven data center-level blueprints – developed by experts – and rigorously tested and validated for successful deployment and operational efficiency. VelocITy also incorporates HCL’s DRYiCE autonomics framework for efficient SDI management. Frequent interoperability testing ensures the VelocITy private cloud architecture remains compatible, even with the release of subsequent component versions.

De-risk Deployments and Operations

As the VelocITy VMware Validated Design is rigorously tested, uncertainty and errors are reduced; significantly lowering downtime. Additionally, VelocITy validated design can reduce risk by enabling a granular policy enforcement, leading to quicker deployment of resilient and scalable infrastructure.

HCL is working extensively with key stakeholders in deploying VVD based VelocITy architecture. We have invested over $15 Million in a state of the art Software Driven Infrastructure Lab that showcases various use cases and proof of concepts – helping organizations simulate their environment and understand the benefits before initiating full-scale/larger deployments. 

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