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Health Check

Keep Your Solutions Optimized with a Health Check!

Changes to your business and environment are continuous:

  • New people
  • New applications and business processes
  • New regulatory requirements
  • New organizational structures, including mergers and acquisitions

Your solution may no longer adequately address your changing requirements or you may not be getting the business impact and results you originally expected.

A Health Check from Enterprise Studio is a step you can take towards peace of mind and confidence in your solution, and is executed with little or no disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Benefits of a Health Check

Once-a-year Broadcom software products Health Checks can help you:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Achieve greater system productivity/stability with increased throughput and response times
  • Obtain better business value from the solution
  • Understand how the solution is used within the current environment and establish if and how it can be better utilized
  • Understand and compare your current solution to current best practices, as well as assess changes to your organization’s business and technical requirements
  • Ensure there is scope for scalability to allow for any projected growth

Deliverables from a Health Check

After we have completed your Health Check, you will receive a Health Check findings summary that includes:

  • Business goals and objectives
  • Identification of critical business requirements
  • Review of current solution deployment
  • Performance gaps between the as-is state and the desired state
  • Action plan / prioritized roadmap for improving a current implementation
  • Recommended strategies and solutions to extend and enhance existing solutions that you can execute on your own or with our help

Broadcom Enterprise Software and Security Products

  • DX Application Performance Management
  • DX Infrastructure Management
  • DX NetOps
  • Clarity Project & Portfolio Management
  • Symantec Identity Governance & Administration
  • Layer7 API Management
  • Symantec PAM
  • Symantec SiteMinder
  • Symantec Advanced Authentication
  • Automic Automation
  • AppWorx Workload Automation
  • Autosys Workload Automation
  • d-Series Workload Automation


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