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IDC Tech Spotlight

The Smart Enterprise: Shifting to a New Operating Model Using Hybrid Multi-Cloud Services

In order to make the most of their cloud investments, organizations need to reinvent themselves, with new organizational structures, processes, and intelligent technologies utilizing intelligent cloud capabilities.

But, how does one pull off such a transformation to becoming a smart enterprise?? And what role can managed multicloud service providers play in enabling it?


Cloud has become the de facto means of provisioning business and IT services. However, reaping all the promised benefits of cloud services requires companies to make fundamental changes. These changes can be done by realigning and restructuring operations at all organizational levels, from business and IT strategy to the development and provisioning of cloud services that incorporate new delivery options (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), establish robust management and governance structures, utilize industry requirements, and are infused with predictive and self-aware innovative technologies and processes.

Doing this, requires them to work with a managed service provider (SP) that can help them move to this new, “smart” operating model. This IDC Tech Spotlight covers some of the key capabilities that enterprises desirous of moving to a new operating model, must look for in their cloud service providers; hybrid cloud providers, multi-cloud providers, and more, if seen at a more specific level. It also analyzes the HCLTech Cloud Smart roadmap toward moving to a new operating model.

Topics covered include:

  • The need for a “smart” operating model
  • Key business drivers of managed multi-cloud services
  • Trends in managed multi-cloud services
  • Essential capabilities to look for when evaluating cloud service providers