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Solution Architecture

iCE.X’s flexible and modular architecture enables the solution to be leveraged across multiple use cases and market segments. No matter what your scenario is, iCE.X can support your requirements.

iCE.X is design to support the Onboard, Manage, Collect, Analyze, and Optimize functions of your device ecosystem.

iCE.X - Solution Architecture

Solutions and Use Cases

iCE.X is designed to support the needs of different market verticals. The design of iCE.X enables flexible deployment across different market vertical uses cases. No matter what market you service, if you need a platform that requires managing the life cycle and ongoing support of connectivity devices, iCE.X is a viable option. HCLTech can package the right iCE.X modules and flexible deployment capabilities to fit your business need.



Fixed Line Service Providers

  • iCE.X provides support for all fixed-lined offers—whether Cable, Fiber, or Ethernet based, including indoor wireless delivered by SP-deployed WiFi based devices
  • Delivering Video, Voice, Data, and Smart Home Services direct to consumers or business
  • Typical devices may include Residential Gateways, Cable Modems, GPON devices, DSL Gateways, etc.
  • iCE.X provides for multi-protocol support and includes a vast library of qualified devices and data models to fit your need

iCE.X – Fixed Line TR-069 Device Management

HCLTech’s vendor-agnostic, hyperscale, and modular platform—iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience)—enables device life cycle management using TR-069 and other Smart Home protocols. iCE.X provides next-generation ACS functionality that enables zero-touch deployment of devices and provides a rich interface to support all your operational team’s needs. It also includes critical operational reporting, alarms, and QoS/QoE-based analytics with predictive capabilities for WiFi, Video, and Data services. iCE.X microservices-based architecture enables ease of deploying on-premise or in private/public cloud environments.

Wireless Service Provider

  • Support for Residential or Enterprise Small Cell, Fixed Wireless Access, or Neutral Host deployments
  • Delivering Broadband and Mobile Voice Services leveraging LTE or 5G Cellular Wireless spectrum
  • A user-interface designed for multiple groups within Service Provider Operations

iCE.X – Small Cell and Fixed Wireless Access Intelligent Device Management

The iCE.X Platform supports Service Provider-led deployments of Indoor or Outdoor Small Cell and Fixed Wireless offers by providing full life cycle management of devices using appropriate protocols such as TR-069 and OMA-DM. The platform enables zero-touch onboarding of devices and full operational management and analytics insights that allow for the complete management of your deployments. It also includes critical operational reporting, alarms, cellular KPIs, along with predictive analytics capabilities.

Enterprise Connectivity

  • Support for Private Enterprise Wireless networks (CBRS/Other) and IoT Deployments within multiple verticals such as Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Industrial, Healthcare
  • Delivering connectivity services to enable digital transformations while supporting IT and OT requirements for simplified management capabilities
  • An interface designed for IT and OT Operations with the ability to manage CBSD Small Cells and IoT within a single pane of glass

iCE.X – Enterprise Private LTE Intelligent Device Management

Evolved device management capabilities using TR-069, or other standard protocols, enable Enterprises to simplify the deployment and management of CBRS Private LTE Networks. This solution leverages the power of HCLTech’s carrier-class device management platform deployed with Services Providers but is scaled for Enterprise deployments. It provides more advanced usability focused on Enterprise IT and OT users such as segmentation by location, quick-view dashboards, alerts by location, drilldown to devices level, and operational analytics to drive your business. iCE.X microservices-based architecture enables ease of deploying on-premise or in private/public cloud environments.