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Business Challenge

Business challenge

COVID-19, with a high R0 factor (represents how many people on average a person with the virus infects), is highly potent and contagious, and can spread unchecked if social distancing measures are not strictly implemented.

With lockdowns imposed, most businesses in the retail industry have been forced to slow down, as they struggle with various premises of changing workforce. However, certain essential services and utilities, like supermarkets, hospitals, banks, airports, operations, and field services, among others, continue to remain functional with reduced resources.

Creating a zero-contact, safe premise, in line with government norms, can be a crucial differentiator for businesses in the retail industry to stay competitive during the pandemic.

Our Proposition

Our proposition

Successfully implementing social distancing on these premises is critical to stemming the spread of the virus.

This needs robust IoT solutions and round-the-clock, live monitoring of people’s movement on the premises to ensure adherence to these norms. With strict data privacy laws in play, the organizations must be careful not to infringe upon end-user privacy.

The Live Social Distancing Monitoring (LSDM) solution by IoT WoRKSTM combines radar sensors, AI models, and easily retrofittable, distributed architecture that can provide real-time locational insights on people’s movements, identify potential hotspots, generate alerts that can help businesses proactively optimize their operations, monitor crowds, and ensure disease-free premises.

The Impact

The impact

The Live Social Distancing Monitoring (LSDM) solution uses radar sensors, among other technologies, to enable businesses to automate social distancing, thus reimagining zero-contact premises, helping restore business continuity and operational profitability. Most important, it ensures real-time monitoring and the maintenance of people and workforce safety.

This disruptive pandemic has shown us that humans are the most essential resource for any industry. The LSDM directly impacts human lives, not only on premises, but also on families of the workforce. For industries struggling to meet bottom lines, the solution can restore business normalcy, break the chain of infection on premises, and minimize human costs by positively impacting the society, customer, and workforce safety and morale, and ultimately, the image of the brand.

Live Social Distancing Monitoring solution

Reimagine compliant, secure premises


Dwell Times

Dwell times

Can be correlated with queues and wait times; enables smoother operations

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts

Triggered when queues, footfall cross the designated thresholds on detection of infection

Heatmaps and Interactive Cloud-based Dashboards

Heat maps, interactive Cloud-based dashboards

Enable visibility of live and legacy insights

Advanced Insights

Advanced insights

Track footfall patterns, integrate with identified hotspots, contact tracing


Redefine New Normal

Redefine the new normal

Utilize insights to slow spread, minimize losses, reduce healthcare spend

Automate Social-Distancing

Automate social distancing

Premises monitoring, automated alerts help automate social distancing

Optimize Operations

Optimize operations

Manage layout, queues on the basis of footfall and dwell times for smooth operations

Ensure Safe Premises

Ensure a safe premises

Maintain business continuity, profitability, and safety of people and the workforce

Scale & Transform

Scale and transform

Retrofittable, distributed computing enables rapid implementation at scale

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