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Enterprise challenges

Traditional networks fail to meet demands of industries in the ‘Digital Economy’


User experience

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User Experience

Application awareness & visibility

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Application Visibility

Campus network security

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Campus Network Security

Network Insights

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Network Insights

Next-gen connectivity

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Next Gen Connectivity

HCLTech Nucleus blueprint

Key highlights


HCLTech’s Nucleus leverages a design-driven and industry vertical agnostic approach, addressing innovative use cases and industry-specific campus networking requirements.

Flexible commercial model

Enterprises enjoy a combination of flexible pricing model such as fixed-price, pay-as-you-go, subscription-based and hybrid, that fits their need and transform their economics.

NetOps integration and zero-trust security

Our campus networking framework utilizes AIOps, NetOps, and consulting frameworks for cognitive automation and SASE-based security to mitigate endpoint security vulnerabilities.

Track and trace with near real-time analytics

Nucleus consumes location data from access points and beacons to perform real-time location monitoring. The framework offers real-time analytics (turning data into actionable insights) for better decision making.

Digital tech convergence

Leverages IT/OT convergence for deploying Industry 4.0 use cases. It also supports the 5G + Wi-Fi6 convergence, helping enterprises with indoor private wireless (offices, school) and outdoor (stadiums, arena) capabilities.

Industry applications

HCLTech’s campus networking redefined

  • Omni-channel shopping experience
  • Frictionless check-out
  • Wayfinding and heat maps
  • Location-based targeted advertisements
  • Asset tracking and inventory management
  • Hyper-aware guest experience
  • Touchless check-in and check-out
  • Mobile kiosk
  • Mobile-enabled in-room media and internet connectivity
  • Proximity-enabled housekeeping
  • Heat map-based bandwidth allocation
  • Real-time patient monitoring
  • IoT-based mobility and sensor analytics
  • Robotic surgery and remote patient monitoring
  • RFID-based medical assets tracking
  • Intelligent learning spaces
  • Always on learning from home to campus
  • Contact and location tracing
  • University wayfinding applications
  • Hybrid campus
  • Indoor and outdoor wayfinding
  • In-seat food and beverage
  • Live 4K video streaming
  • Guest access
  • Context-aware mobile marketing
  • Location-based discount offers
  • Proximity-based geo-fencing of assets, trucks, and devices
  • Location-based asset tracking
  • Connected manufacturing
  • Automated light and equipment control
  • Digital twins, 3D printing


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