Mainframe Migration Competency | HCLTech


Driven by customer needs, we offer customized mainframe modernization and application migration roadmap for enterprises on AWS. This ensures assured and least risk transformation, while managing the change that impacts business value chains, people, and organization policies.

Our approach to AWS mainframe modernization is centered on the following dimensions:

Business capability first view – FENIX 2.0, an industry aligned execution framework, helps enterprises prioritize and reimagine their core and non-core business capabilities to realize their modernization objectives

Incremental modernization – HCLTech’s ADvantage Modernize methodology takes an incremental approach to modernization, enabling a risk-free approach and minimal disruption to business operations while ensuring functional parity in a connected ecosystem

Integrated expertise & capabilities - Our biggest strength, when it comes to mainframe modernization, is our ability to integrate several distinct capabilities formed over decades of experience. Our propositions are powered by unique automation solutions that are curated for best ROI and assurance for success

We Offer

Application Migration

Migrate to AWS platform with the underlying technology stack (application and databases) re-platformed.

Application Transformation

Value chain transformation while rebuilding the application on AWS or replacing the underlying mainframe application capability with SaaS solutions

Application Re-hosting

Port applications to x86 emulator platforms


Rewrite the application from ground-up by extracting rules and re-designing (re-engineering) to migrate to AWS


HCLTech Modern Application Services practice focuses on development on experience orchestration platforms, utilizing DevOps baked into application development lifecycle. Responsive user experience, microservices/APIs, embedded analytics, cloud first and mobile first architectures.



Reduced cost of ownership


Improved time to market for enhancements


Integrate the overall software processes across the enterprise landscape


Creating an ecosystem where mainframe applications collaborate with the other technologies and channels, meaning that business functionality and data is rationalized across the entire landscape.