The Media, Publishing, and Entertainment (MPE) industry is witnessing an upheaval triggered by several factors:

  • Evolving technology and consumer needs
  • Dynamic user demographics
  • Digitalization across sectors

The proliferation of smart devices, for instance, has created multiple touch points. This impedes visibility into customer behavior. Yet, organizations are expected to deliver captivating end user experiences like never before. Given the extremely competitive nature of the market, inadequate behavior-related research, and lack of digital advertising support, it is essential for organizations to embrace cutting-edge technology.

HCL Tech is delivering services that are relevant in today’s dynamic ecosystem. Our suite of new age offerings, comprising Content, CRM & Personalization, and Mobility, is crafted to help firms stay ahead of the curve. For instance, our Next Gen User Experiencer service assists in improving campaign impact while containing content production costs. Predictive Analytics, on the other hand, allow firms to take preemptive decisions to mitigate future threats and shifts.

Our services are a unique synthesis of best-in-class technologies, tools, and practices, empowering organizations to move in lockstep with changes in the business environment.


Content Services
Content Services

Streamline production, management, and distribution of content for optimized workflows and rights administration. Read More

CRM & Personalisation Services
CRM & Personalization Services

Enable a unified view of customers to drive user experience and facilitate effective cross selling. Read More

Mobility Services
Mobility Services

Leverage mobile technology to deliver unique proposition to the “connected consumer” and improve enterprise productivity. Read More

Digital Supply Chain Services
Digital Media Services

Drive effective content management through an integrated and streamlined digital supply chain.Read More

Next Generation User Experience
Next Generation User Experience Services

Implement a holistic multi-channel enablement strategy for a range of services, from channel experiences to program planning. Read More

Digital Value Chain Transformation Services
Digital Value Chain Transformation

Leverage mobile technology to deliver unique proposition to the “connected consumer” and improve enterprise productivity.Read More

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics Services

Ascertain emerging trends, events, and behaviors and derive actionable insights along the entire value chain. Read More

Unified Advertising Services
Unified Advertising Services

Create and publish personalize advertising campaigns on multiple platforms and consistently monitor their performance.Read More

Back Office Optimization Services
Back Office Optimization Services

Facilitate master data management, while expediting the process of SOA implementation. Read More

Advertising services
Advertising Services

Drive visibility by enabling advertisers to upload material, chart plans, and view past performance Read More

Rights Management Services
Rights Management Services

Reduce legal exposure to stakeholders, while contracting cycle time for release of royalties Read More

Application Support and Maintanence
Application Support and Maintenance

Focus on improving the quality of experience with benchmarked practices Read More

social media services
Social Media Services

Deliver advertisement production services for the creation of print/digital advertisements across platforms Read More

Pricing Optimization Solution
Pricing Optimization Services

Address the needs and demands of today’s customer governed market place Read More

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Services

Facilitate the creation of a comprehensive strategy to deliver the right information with minimum effort Read More