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Incurring at least 40% loss in advertising revenue, a strategic overhaul is imperative for media and publishing companies. The lack of an effective digital ad support pipeline affects outcomes across the board – products, inventory, self-services, and dynamic campaign impact. Unified advertising services assist marketers in creating and publishing ads across multiple channels. Marketing campaigns are further refined with constructive targeting, personalization, monitoring, and performance tracking features.

At HCLTech, we boost digital advertising revenues via streamlined management. We harness a powerful tech framework to enhance ad services and analytics, guaranteeing desired outcomes for advertisers. We also enable reusability of content and rights through comprehensive standardization, across systems, storage, discovery, and transformation processes.

Our diverse engagements demonstrate HCLTech’s capabilities in delivering business value. Further, our cloud based platform for both print and digital ads offers deep insights on customer preferences.


Unified Ad  Platform

Unified Ad Platform

HCLTech holistic approach aids advertisers in media planning execution and efficient workflow management.

Ad Fulfillment & Settlement Platform

Ad Fulfillment & Settlement Platform

Using a multichannel delivery platform, we support search engine advertising and measure consumer interactions metrics.

Ad production service

Ad production service

HCLTech supports KPO services to optimize the creation of both print and digital advertising campaigns.

Ecosystem of Partners

We harness an array of diverse strengths and capabilities through partnerships, building synergies that enable customers to implement and operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our wide network of partners aids delivery of solutions that are tailor-made for each client.