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Unified Advertising Services

Media & Publishing companies face atleast 40% loss of advertising revenue due to lack of Digital advertising support - Product, Inventory, Outcome, Self Service & dynamic advertising. Unified advertising services can aid in creating and publishing ads over multiple channels, improve advertising campaigns by making them better targeted, highly localized and personalized, and improve monitoring by tracking campaign performance.

HCL offers the following unified advertising services:

  • Unified Ad  Platform - A self service platform (preferably on Cloud) for advertising management that allows advertisers to Book Orders, Upload material, perform media planning, and view the past performance of advertisement.
    • Multi Channel Order Entry
    • Digital Advertising management
    • Self Service Ad Creation (WYSIWYG, Template-based)
    • Ad Workflow
    • Material Upload
    • Back office Integration
    • CMS/ Asset Management
    • Portal & Dashboard for Performance Management
  • Ad Fulfillment & Settlement Platform - A multi channel (Print, Web, Mobile, Social, OOH) Ad delivery platform:
    • Serves Contextual Advertisement
    • Measure Consumer Interaction (view, clicks, leads etc.)
    • Support Display & Search Engine Advertising
    • Ad Network (optional)
    • Performance Measurement & Payment request (Multi channel Ad Analytics)
    • Integration with Financial & Contract Management System
  • Ad Production Service - KPO Services for creation of Print/ Digital Advertisement for Newspaper, Magazine, Online companies and Broadcasters:
    • Creative/Graphics Services
    • Image Management
    • Pre-Press/ Composition
    • Pre-flighting/ Softproofing
    • Graphics Performance Optimization
    • Video Ingestion/ Post Production
    • Voice Over/ Audio Services

These services would help companies:

  • Improve Digital Advertising Revenues
  • Revenue expansion via advertising management due to Ad service improvement, Analytics and guaranteed outcome for advertisers
  • Improve reuse (of content/ rights) due to standardization of systems, storage, discovery and transformation process

HCL Solutions

A few of the existing solutions that illustrate HCL’s expertise and investment focus in Unified Advertising solutions.

  • Customer Centricity: Artificial Intelligence based N=1 recommendation engine, case based reasoning on anonymous/ logged in user actions to personalize promotion, Live Events recommendation, Artist Launch, Music promotion , sweeps, advertisement, product and content leading 20-30% up in sales... Read more
  • Mobile Coupon application framework, provides multiplatform coupon sourcing (NFC, QR Codes, Feeds) and redemption capabilities... Read more
  • TV Widgets, a fully evolved catalogue of games available on TV, providing capabilities to set up connected television by running Yahoo! TV engine providing customers a differentiated experience with a new interactive gaming portfolio

Representative Engagements

HCL has demonstrated capability of providing business value to our esteemed customers. Below are a few examples

  • Cloud based platform for print and digital ads providing a single comprehensive view of the customers to sales. This will help to book & deliver effective campaigns Media planning/buying platform development:Dynamic solution with the ability to add new media channels  and change existing process quickly at low cost. Significant cost savings with automation of 90% of the process steps.
  • Pre- Press, Ad Production, Pagination, Web Editing & Publishing Operations Management & Integrated Services for a large newspaper group in Ireland
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.