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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, disrupting business operations and supply chains globally, manufacturers have realized the urgency to build agile systems and develop resilient business models by deploying proven technology.

At HCLTech, our top priority is to enable our enterprise manufacturing customers to overcome their business challenges to help them stay ahead of the pack consistently.

Business challenge

The manufacturing sector, which employs 12.8 million in the US and accounts for 11% of the total annual output (GDP), is hit hard with the recent pandemic. For one, many manufacturing jobs are on-site, and cannot be carried out remotely. Secondly, the dampened economic activity has reduced demand for industrial products, due to decreased consumer confidence and limited capability of companies to deliver goods to the market.

Experts at the recently held World Economic Forum indicate that digital technologies can reduce the spread of the coronavirus, while helping businesses stay open.

Additionally, technology can enable all types of businesses to become more resilient and help them operate effectively and efficiently.

How we can help

The HCLTech Microsoft Business Unit is designed to accelerate digital transformation, and create resilient and agile enterprises. By collaborating with Microsoft’s proven offerings, such as Business Applications Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, the business unit creates compelling solutions that enable our customers to innovate and differentiate.

The HCLTech Microsoft Business Unit marches forward as a trusted, legacy partnership of 30+ years, where Microsoft leverages HCLTech for its services expertise, delivering tangible outcomes for our manufacturing customers. By supporting the needs of remote workers, enhancing manufacturing flexibility, and meeting supply chain challenges, we can effectively help manufacturers stay ahead of the curve consistently.

Explore our solutions designed for the manufacturing sector:

  • Manage change proactively with HCLTech and Microsoft Business Applications D365 and Power Applications Offerings
  • Reduce costs and automate manufacturing processes with application modernization and cloud migration solutions on Microsoft Azure

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