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HCL and IBM Extend Collaboration in Data Transformation Space

HCL and IBM Extend Collaboration in Data Transformation Space

Published Date
Jun 01, 2017

A Blog by Darren Oberst, EVP – Products & Platforms Business Unit, HCL Technologies

The use of multiple systems in the business environment has increased the complexity of data and business transactions, resulting in delays and slow responses to new business and compliance–related requirements. Data transformation has become an integral component of application integration and most global organizations have initiated data transformation and governance programs to turn information into a competitive business differentiator.

Recognizing these needs, HCL and IBM have expanded their collaboration to extend and build industry–leading solutions for B2B and data transformation with the market-leading IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) product line. HCL has licensed IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) and will build additional features and innovative functionalities based on current business priorities and future trends.

IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) is a dedicated data transformation engine for application integration that streamlines data transformation process and enables organizations to integrate industry–based customer, supplier and business partner transactions across the enterprise and between enterprises. It helps in automating complex transformation and validation of data between a range of different formats and standards. The solution provides complex data processing capabilities for some of the most mission–critical applications in the world—from stock exchanges and pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, insurance and global commerce.

The solution offers three primary capabilities and benefits:

  • Provides a single, universal transformation solution to help eliminate the need for multiple data transformation tools.
  • Offers flexible deployment options to deliver transformation capabilities across IT infrastructure.
  • Supports industry–standard data transformation requirements to help meet customer demands, governance mandates and industry standards

HCL is a leader in the data transformation space, backed by significant strengths and expertise across applications engineering, digital technologies, analytics, data mapping, migration, systems integration and end–to–end business technology transformation. HCL’s design principles include client value, speed, practical innovation and insight–driven solutions.

With this expanded collaboration, HCL and IBM intend to take these solutions to the next level and provide a single universal transformation solution for clients’ business requirements. Clients who are already using these solutions may continue to engage with IBM as their primary provider, with HCL broadening the reach to the developer community. With a history of collaboration and innovation, HCL and IBM are excited about the opportunity to jointly address clients' need for data and business transformation.


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