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HCL Named a Leader in Next-Gen Infrastructure Outsourcing Services by Independent Research Firm

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HCL Technologies continues to be recognized for its global leadership in next–generation infrastructure services. HCL was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q4, 2017 Forrester Wave™ evaluation of Next-Generation Infrastructure Outsourcing. In this evaluation, HCL was cited as a Leader in Next-Generation Infrastructure Outsourcing, with the report confirming that ‘HCL remains a very good fit for medium to large-scale infrastructure outsourcing opportunities.’

The report highlighted that ‘HCL has emerged as the single Indian pure-play company most associated with the infrastructure management opportunity.’ HCL also received the highest overall score for strategy, and HCL was cited for its exemplary focus on monitoring customer experience.

HCL believes that being rated a leader validates its differentiated long-term value proposition to customers, with the report noting that ‘HCL offers a strong balance across data center and workplace opportunities,’ and ‘HCL's infrastructure services revenues as a percentage of overall company revenues is nearly 40%, highest among the Indian pure plays included in this analysis, as well as a driver for growth.’

In compiling the report, Forrester used a 24-criteria evaluation of next-generation infrastructure outsourcing providers and identified the 15 most significant companies. A company’s positioning is determined by performance across three valuation criteria: current offering, strategy and market presence.

According to the report, ‘next-generation infrastructure outsourcing remains of interest because more I&O professionals see it as a way to address their top challenges, which include being able to thrive in a hybrid world. I&O pros require next-generation infrastructure outsourcing providers to act as strategic partners and to advise them on key infrastructure-related decisions.’

Forrester mentioned in the report that ‘improved customer experience will dictate which providers will lead the pack. Furthermore, vendors that can successfully blend data center and workplace services with broad geographic reach and a differentiating value proposition will position themselves to successfully deliver next-generation infrastructure outsourcing services to their customers.

Download the full report here.

To further explore HCL’s Next-Gen Infrastructure Outsourcing capabilities, roadmaps and blueprints, simply visit /it-infrastructure-management-services or send an email ito@hcl.com.


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