HCL Technologies launches a data-driven experience framework for its ADvantage Experience Platform to drive next-gen customer experiences

PUBLISHED DATE: Apr 22, 2021

HCL Technologies (HCL), a global technology company, is launching a data-driven experience framework that will drive next-generation customer experiences. The framework sits on top of HCL’s ADvantage Experience platform, an omnichannel ecosystem that provides a conversational, data-driven, and the contextual ability for marketers, and works seamlessly with Adobe Experience Cloud & Adobe Experience Platform.

Designed by a cross-functional team of marketers, technologists, and data scientists, the data-driven experience framework enables enterprises to create real-time personalized experiences at scale and, add the agility and the speed required for implementing changes due to evolving trends.

The need for personalization challenges marketers to evolve not only their ability to manage customer data but also to use it to deliver real-time experiences that match each consumer and their context. HCL’s data-driven experience framework defines the ceiling for great customer experience by enabling enterprises to rapidly analyze and act on data. Using this framework, organizations can realize significant near-term value – like improved customer retention, increase in revenue cost savings. It brings together a data-first operating model (hub & spoke), a reusable portfolio of analytical products, and lean governance to deliver data-driven experiences across any channel.

The framework also consolidates data from several platforms to create a cohesive customer profile and provide Next Best Action (NBA) and Next Best Offer (NBO) using an advanced analytics and experience platform that can seamlessly deliver suggested personalized experiences and allows marketers to constantly learn based on actions taken by customer.

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