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HCLTech’s Smart Consignment Inventory Management Solution wins CPHI Pharma 2022 Award

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Nov 29, 2022, Noida, India: HCLTech, a leading global technology company, has won the CPHI Pharma 2022 Award for Excellence in Pharma: Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution. The award recognizes HCLTech’s smart consignment inventory management (SCIM) solution powered by intelligent asset tracking and management (IATM), validating the company’s approach to supercharging progress for its clients, drawing on its experience, expertise and innovation.

Created by HCLTech’s Internet of Things business unit, IoT WoRKSTM, SCIM solution enables hospitals and equipment manufacturers to track and manage medical devices, surgical kits and consumables through a consolidated view of the consignment inventory value chain. This prevents the use of expired medical supplies, enabling manufacturers to avoid adverse effects on patients and lower the risk of legal action and reputational damage.

HCLTech’s SCIM solution transforms medical supply chain processes by enabling end-to-end visibility from manufacturing facilities to point of care. It adheres to a first expired first out (FEFO) methodology to reduce waste, drive efficiency through automation, and optimize audit and reconciliation processes through real-time inventory visibility.

The CPHI Pharma Awards celebrates innovators that contribute to driving the industry forward, through people, products, and performance. The Excellence in Pharma: Supply Chain, Logistics, and Distribution category recognizes innovation in ensuring the safe handling and tracking of drug substances, raw materials and finished drug products.

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