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Laying the foundation of the Next-Gen enterprise with Red Hat

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HCL and Red Hat share a long-standing partnership and have helped numerous customers realize their digital transformation journey. In October 2017, the partnership reached another milestone with the announcement of HCL Application Platform–as–a–Service (PaaS) services, bringing together Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and HCL’s unique next–generation IT transformation and operations capabilities. The HCL Application PaaS services accelerate the process of building modern digital applications and deliver a holistic cloud–native solution for next-gen enterprises.

Taking this collaboration forward, HCL participated in the recently concluded Red Hat summit in San Francisco (May 8-10, 2018). HCL Cloud Native Services also took a place of pride among the key Red Hat partners in their event press release. It also featured a quote from our CVP & CTO, Kalyan Kumar: “HCL continues to invest in developing strong partnerships that address the digital business transformation needs for our customers. With the HCL application Platform–as–a–Service powered by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, developers can experience significantly faster time-to-market and reduced complexity in bringing enterprise applications to production. This enables enterprises to drive agility, accelerate innovation, and create more responsive IT organizations.”

Click here to read the full press release which also has a short write-up about HCL’s partnership with Red Hat.


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