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With over 700+ consultants on board, HCLTech’s PeopleSoft practice has serviced 65+ customers, gleaning 15+ years of experience in executing PeopleSoft engagements.

The practice has delivered over twenty v9.2 upgrades, driven by over 1000 consultants, over 450 of whom are PeopleSoft certified, and all of whom bring a wealth of domain expertise.

Our key differentiators are:

  • PeopleSoft IP tools-driven delivery
  • Unique virtual server cloud-based upgrade offerings
  • Pre-configured Day 0 infrastructure readiness for any upgrade

In particular, our PeopleSoft Innovation Lab enhances value delivery, leveraging the capabilities of PeopleSoft consultants for developing tools, accelerators, and whitespace solutions. Our end to end solution accelerators are key to serve this purpose. They include:

  • Customization Analyzer (for design and retrofitting)
  • Delta Explorer (for impact analysis)
  • Dev Studio (for debugging PeopleCode)
  • Payroll Recon (for UAT/parallel testing)
  • Security Configurator (for security design)

The lab has taken several initiatives, such as creating faster solutions for PeopleSoft upgrades and driving the development of reusable components, comprehensive and accessible user training kits, delivery frameworks, and integration packs with other ERPs and third-party applications.

As a result of these successful developments, we have been able to reduce upgrade cycle times and overall effort by 30%. Testing accuracy has also improved with the utilization of prebuilt test scripts.

With our current engagements in state-of-the-art PeopleSoft solutions such as Cloud Lift and Shift and robotic process automation (RPA), our active PeopleSoft customers are the largest PeopleSoft sites worldwide.

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