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Podcast 36 - Episode 1 - Future of Work

The last three years have seen a significant shift in the expectations for where and when work is done, accelerating the evolution of work and workplaces. This was made possible by the widespread use of cloud computing, the adoption and application of digital tools for communication and work, and the general growth of digitalization and automation. Because the shift in technology and work practices is better for the environment, communities and individuals, most businesses are now more focused on how to improve employee productivity. The future is all about hybrid work, which combines the finest aspects of remote work with more intelligent use of physical space and technology.

In this podcast, Craig Baty, distinguished Lead Analyst for ISG Research, discusses how technology may support both the return to physical sites and remote or distributed work. The discussion includes how, in addition to advantages like improved work-life balance, this may help organizations achieve their green business goals and aspirations — like committing to the Net Zero target, which is made even more accessible with our sustainability solution.

In addition, he discusses the implications of digitization, automation, shift left strategy and augmentation for the (near) future workforce, highlighting HCLTech's robust Behavior Change Management Framework (BCMF) and collaboration solutions. Finally, he explains how BCMF ensures an organization-wide uniformity in communication with and among the workforce.

Speaker Details:
Craig Baty, Lead Analyst, ISG
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