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HCL Technologies Wins Industry Award for Leadership in the Embedded/VLSI Industry Segment

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HCL is a leader in VLSI design having worked on cutting edge technologies to deliver end-to-end chip design services. HCL’s Engineering and R&D practice services companies in various industry verticals such as Aviation, Automotive and Manufacturing.

Mr G H Rao, Senior Corporate Vice President & Head - Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies, said, “ We are delighted to win the leadership award for the Embedded and VLSI industry for the second year in a row. This is yet another milestone in our journey as we continue our dominance in the Engineering services in India IT industry. There is tremendous opportunity for growth of the industry and we are excited about our contribution."

The SiliconIndia Mentor Graphics Leadership Awards for the Embedded/VLSI industry is an annual industry awards instituted for the VLSI/Embedded sector. Earlier in the year, HCL was named as Leader in Global R&D services market space by Zinnov, a leading management consultancy firm.

HCL has 35 years of Product Development heritage with focus on developing products for global customers by leveraging its embedded software, hardware, and systems engineering skills. HCL ERS has rich experience in developing safety-critical embedded products involving cutting-edge hardware, complex middleware, rich applications, and interactive GUI across multiple processor families and real-time operating systems.  HCL’s Engineering Out of the Box approach leverages its proprietary Industrialized Services and productized Solution Accelerators with relevant Domain Knowledge to provide business value to customers beyond Engineering Services in areas including Product and Platform Launch & Acceleration, Product Quality & Compliance, Value Engineering and Smart Products.


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