HCL selected by Wiltshire Police to provide mobile and remote working solution

PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 18, 2011
HCL Technologies (HCL), the global IT and engineering services provider, today announced that it has been selected as the provider of a mobile and remote working solution to Wiltshire Police. Valued at 4 million USD, the partnership will last for five and a half years, including an initial six month implementation period. Policing in the UK faces huge challenges, as it tries to balance ever expanding demand with a period of tightening financial constraints. Liberating officers from their desks is a key strand in Wiltshire Police’s plans and HCL’s mobile and remote working solution is seen as central to this. It’s about enabling officers to do their work better and smarter, by cutting down unproductive time and giving them, at their fingertips, the information they need to combat crime and provide assistance to the public.