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HCLTech SFTP Server

The HCLTech SFTP server is only available with the SFTP protocol. You must use software that supports SFTP, for example, Filezilla, WinSCP or lftp.

All transfers should be done as a binary transfer.

If you have firewall restrictions, you might need to enter the external IP address for the HCLTech SFTP server, which is, to access the server.

Uploading Files Directly to HCLTech using SFTP

To submit files using SFTP, you will need your HCLTech Customer Ticket number associated with your ticket record. See the Ticket naming convention in step 5.

How to submit files to the SFTP server:

  • From an SFTP client, SFTP to the following site:
  • Login as anonymous.
  • Enter 1@1 as the password.
  • You should change the directory to the subdirectory /tohcl

Note: You cannot read files in the subdirectories. You cannot "cd" (change directory) to the final target (e.g. "tohcl/rational"). You must be on the "tohcl" directory and then, drag and drop the files into the target directory (e.g. "rational"). The “rational” subdirectory is visible in the SFTP client.

  • Use the following file naming convention to name your file.

Caution: The file must use this format to be associated with the Customer Ticket; this is the complete Ticket record number. Using any other file name will cause the file to be deleted.

Note: Files cannot be updated on the SFTP server. You will need to create a new file with a unique name and include your Customer Ticket number as part of the file name.

Enter your Customer Ticket information and file type: CHCLSxxxxxxxx.yyy.zzz


CHCLSxxxxxxxx          is the Customer Ticket number
yyy                               is a unique file name
zzz                               is the file type or file extension

Example 1:

Example 2:

Note: You should compress the file to be transferred using ZIP or TAR format.

  • Drag and drop the file into the /tohcl/ directory
  • End your session

Downloading Files from HCLTech using SFTP

Sometimes HCLTech Technical Support needs to make files or test fixes available for customer download.

If you need to pull a file from the HCLTech SFTP site, use the following instructions and the exact directory and filename name provided by your HCLTech support representative:

  • Using an SFTP client, SFTP to the following site:
  • Login as anonymous.
  • Enter 1@1 as the password.
  • Change your directory to the /fromhcl/subdir (technical support has provided you with this information) and locate the file
  • Download the file to your machine
  • End your session.
  • Notify HCLTech Support in your related ticket that you have received the file.

Test Fix Download Agreement

Test Fix Agreement

This testfix ("Testfix") is being provided to you by HCLTech Limited ("HCLTech") to assist with the resolution of a problem in your configuration. This Testfix was developed exclusively for this purpose and has not undergone the quality assurance testing HCLTech performs on software that is released to the general public. If this proves to be a valid fix, HCLTech may incorporate the fix into a later release, at its sole discretion.

This Testfix is specific to your configuration. HCLTech will support this modified version in your enterprise until this fix can be included in a production release of the code. If and when a new release incorporating the fix is commercially available, we will discontinue support for your modified version. You will be required to either replace your version with such new release of within your company no more than 90 days after such release is commercially available, or discontinue using this fix upon commercial release of such release. HCLTech will discontinue all support of software using this Testfix at that time.

In consideration of HCLTech providing you with a copy of the Testfix at no additional charge, you acknowledge and agree that your use of this Testfix is subject to the terms and conditions of the HCLTech Master License Agreement (the "HMLA") applicable to your product, which is incorporated herein by reference, and the following additional terms:

  • By using this Testfix you agree to the terms and conditions contained in the HMLA (as modified herein) and this Letter Agreement. For purposes of this Letter Agreement, all references in the HMLA to "Program" shall be deemed to include "Testfix." Should there be any conflict between HMLA and this Letter Agreement with respect to this Testfix, this Letter Agreement shall take precedence and govern.
  • Your right to use this Testfix is restricted. Testfixes are intended for limited production use to address the specific issues with the specific product and configuration, as noted above, and should not otherwise be distributed throughout an organization. This Testfix may only be used in accordance with the instructions provided by HCLTech Technical Support.
  • This Testfix constitutes a trade secret of HCLTech, and in that regard you may not disclose the Testfix or any related documentation or any information concerning this Testfix to any third party other than your employees or contractors whose use of the Testfix is necessary solely for the resolution of a problem reported above, in accordance with the terms of this Letter Agreement.
  • The testfix provided has not undergone testing and quality assurance processes. You should only allow access to the testfix by knowledgeable and trained individuals. It is your responsibility to make backup copies of all programs, databases and other information before using the testfix. Hcl will not be responsible for your (or your customers') failure to do so, nor for providing support or technical assistance in the event of your (or your customers') failure to do so.
  • Any and all warranty provisions in the hmla shall be replaced with the following: In light of the nature of the testfix, the testfix is provided "As is," and hcl disclaims all warranties with respect to the testfix and any related materials, including their quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • In light of the nature of the testfix and the terms under which you are accepting it, hcl will have no liability for direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, tort or other damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the testfix or related materials, even if advised or aware of the possibility of such damages.
  • You will, upon HCLTech request, promptly destroy or return to HCLTech all CDs, DVDs, diskettes, documentation or other materials furnished to you by HCLTech in connection with this Letter Agreement.
  • The terms of this letter agreement supersede any additional or conflicting provisions in any purchase order or other written notification from your company. This is the sole and exclusive agreement between you and hcl with respect to the testfix, and you acknowledge that you have not relied on any other representations, whether written, verbal or otherwise, other than those contained herein.