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Our internship program, called Rise at HCL, creates a skill bridge between the students' education and interests and their career goals. Students gain practical knowledge in their specialized fields and gain exposure to a global culture in a fast-growing industry early in their career journey.

Why choose HCL

Intern with a leading global technology company and be a part of tomorrow’s change, today.

Get a chance to work with leading enterprises, including 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000.

Employee-Centric Culture

The culture at HCL Technologies – ideapreneurship™ as we call it – places employees at the forefront of innovation and value creation. It is based on the fundamental belief of inverting the organizational pyramid and engaging, enabling and empowering the employees. It is our employees who make HCL an engine of growth and innovation. We are committed to help them succeed in an inclusive, diverse and employee-friendly culture.

Outstanding Employer in the State

by the Governor of North Carolina

Excellence in Education Award

for developing local human resources

Socially Responsible

We're deeply committed to driving societal change in the communities in which we operate through active engagement with civic organizations and charitable institutions benefiting the lives of thousands.

We go beyond sponsorships with United Way. Our employees have been engaged with multiple initiatives of United Way like providing helping hand in building a house for under-privileged or help in making a farm for poultry. During the recent pandemic, we worked closely with United Way in their efforts for community response and relief fund.
HCL runs various blood drive initiatives at its campuses where the Red cross Bus equipped with Blood drawing service camps all day. Hundreds of our employees sign up for the blood donation each time.
HCL employees have been participating with Habitat for Humanity for volunteering and building small houses for underprivledged.
HCL has been partnering with Music4Hope, who bring hope through the healing sounds of music into the lives of children and their families experiencing life threatening diseases.
We engage with Rise Against Hunger and it gets supported by our customer organizations as well. Employees participates and engages in making meal bags to be shipped around the world. Whatever number of packets employee creates, they donate it to the organization with an equal price match by HCL.
We joined hands with Estée Lauder Companies to raise the level of breast cancer awareness. We aim to spread wellness, inclusivity, and unity in diversity through various sessions and activities.
We have partnered with organizations like Npower, that creates pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. In today's economy, over 50% of all jobs require some degree of technology and digital skill, and this is expected to grow to 77% by 2020 in the U.S and we must collaborate to help bridge this gap.
HCL supported Gates Foundation Philanthropy efforts to help with the COVID-19 relief fund and to fight this pandemic because of the great danger it presents to so many people. One of the advantages of foundation grants is the ability to deliver fast and flexible funding to help countries and organizations take rapid action and fill resource gaps.
Many of us do not realize food-insecure households are likely more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. This is believed to be due to lesser access to adequate health care, lower resistance or compromised immune systems, stigma or bias, or lack of information about proper prevention and care. HCL joined hands with Feeding America when the pandemic hit United States and helped raise awareness and funding for this noble cause.
CDC has been at the forefront of the Pandemic Crisis and Response Management. It has been our honor to collaborate with CDC Foundation and to contribute to their goals of trying to limit human-to-human transmission, minimize the impact of COVID-19 in vulnerable countries with limited preparedness capacity, and to reduce specific threats.
HCL partnered with the University of California, Berkeley to build a health technology collaborative laboratory. Dubbed as CoLab, the facility will be housed in the Blum Center for Developing Economies at the University’s campus and will try to address the need of timely access to telemedicine and telesurgery in the backdrop of the global pandemic.
HCL contributes to The STEM for Her Mission of promoting education to create awareness, excitement, and opportunities among girls and young women to launch successful STEM-related careers.
HCL is a member with The Valuable 500 – a global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda. Its in line with our commitment for inclusion.
HCL has been an active contributor to the mission of Girls Who Code , and supports their mission to close the gender gap in tech in K-12 classrooms.
Technology Innovation

It is core to our DNA to try things differently – be it starting a new business, exploring a new market, inventing solution no one thought of before or taking a risk with a business model industry wasn’t even aware of. We mentor new talent for growth and innovation. We encourage experimentation and collaboration.

Internship Opportunities

Why choose to Rise At HCL?

Create a bridge between your education and career aspirations. Fuel your passion with one of the world's leading employers and become a part of our 20,000+ strong workforce in the US.

Role of an Intern

As an intern, you will work in an agile environment, focused on projects or learning to develop quality software solutions across multiple industry domains and using cutting-edge technologies. Based on business requirements and your internship specifics, you will learn to develop code in line with quality standards and support testing cycles and post-production deployment.

  • Learning through technical, on-the-job and hands-on projects
  • Developing quality software solutions across multiple industry domains
  • Aligning code and solutions to with best-in-class industry standards
  • Leveraging leading edge technologies to enrich your skill sets
  • Gaining experience in digital consulting like design thinking, UX design, SaaS
Enrich your skillset with on the job training in
Digital Engineering
Data Engineering
Product Engineering

Current Internship Opportunities

Our internship and training program has multiple opportunities available across the United States, in North Carolina, Connecticut, Texas, California, Pennsylvania and Ohio, to offer you experiences that will prepare you for an exciting tech career.

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