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Collaborative software development, model driven development, and agile development are all commonly used when developing software. Many development teams use variations of these development methodologies. Collaborative software development usually uses a whiteboard, but that means developers have to be collocated and how do you save the whiteboard data? Model driven development has its' benefit, but Unified Modeling Language (UML) Is reputed hard to learn. Agile development teams struggle to keep designs in sync and teams connected.

Introducing Design Room Live!, a new design solution that is as simple as a whiteboard but allows for real-time, multi-user, and cross-site collaboration. Design Room Live! is a web-based modeling tool that provides simplified UML (sUML) with minimal user interface and maximum drawing surfaces. No saving, everything is live. Soon, it'll have the touch and tablet friendly interface for design collaboration on the go!

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Our Solutions

Real-Time, Multi-User Collaboration

Work with your team in real time, no matter where they are located.

Web-based App

Browser-based client access.

Large Drawing Surface

Minimal interface with only key functions to maximize drawing area.

Everything is Live

No saving, no hassle.


Organize different aspects of design using whiteboards.


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Try out the simple-to-use, collaborative, web-based modeling tool.

Design Room Live! is now available - a new design solution that is simple as a whiteboard but allows for real-time, multi-user, and cross-site collaboration. Submit a contact form and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.

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