Informix on Azure: Getting Started | HCL Technologies

Getting Started

Informix is offered as an hourly virtual image. This image can be launched on numerous virtual machine types in Azure. Details about the various types and sizes can be found here here.

To place an order:

  • In your Azure subscription navigate to "Virtual Machines", and then click the "Add" button.
  • Next search for "Informix", select the result, and click the "Create" button.
  • Proceed through the remaining steps, which includes specifying the user and password or public key to use for authentication. This results in the creation of a new virtual machine in a few minutes.
  • After the VM is running, connect to the machine via an ssh program using the credentials you specified earlier. For example if you specified "myazureuser" as the user and a public key you'd connect using the command:
    • $ ssh -i ~/.ssh/my_private_key myazureuser@hostname-of-my-informix-azure-vm
  • After you are logged into the machine, use the sudo command to become the Informix user. For example:
    • $ sudo -u informix bash

As the Informix user, you will be able to run the various Informix commands, such as onstat, onmode, and oninit. The machine is configured with the Informix server running and listening for these types of clients on these ports:


Without TLS

With TLS













InformixHQ Server HTTP




In order to control network traffic to and from the VM, in the Azure portal navigate to that virtual machine's "Networking" section.

For security reasons the OS accounts on the image do not have a password and the only account initially configured for inbound SSH is the one you specified when creating it. In order to allow a remote client to connect to the Informix database server you can set a password on the desired OS account or create a database user via the CREATE USER statement.

To connect a remote client to Informix, first ensure the Azure firewall permits traffic on the appropriate ports. To encrypt communication between the client and server, configure the client for TLS by following these guidelines:

The Informix certificate is located at /home/Informix/client_ssl/selfsigned_ssl.cert. For security reasons this certificate should be changed immediately to a certificate you control. Please follow these instructions to configure Informix and these to configure the wire listener.

The web-based monitoring and administration tool, InformixHQ, is also configured and running. The HQ Server and Agent processes run as the OS user "informixhqu". Using a browser connect to InformixHQ at Details about the initial credentials can be found in the /opt/informix/hq/config/ file.