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Informix IoT

Informix IoT
About Informix IoT
  • Informix addresses the needs of any industry that requires proven enterprise class database technology for both the backend, as well as embedded platforms, with set-it / forget-it reliability.
  • Informix database is designed to be "invisible" - zero administration, high availability and reliability, extremely small footprint and autonomous capabilities that dynamically configure the instance based on solution need. These characteristics make it an ideal database for deep embed into IoT devices.
  • Most IoT solutions require the processing of many different kinds of data, from Time Series to Geo-Spatial to SQL to NoSQL. Informix provides all this and more.
  • Another value proposition is not only in its unsurpassed ability as a transactional database engine but also as an analytics foundation with the ability to be integrated with other analytics products.
  • Bundling Informix with other products creates a differentiating position for HCLTech IoT solutions.
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Why Informix

Informix is a proven and well known platform for supporting applications developed by third parties and ISVs, primarily for use in transactional environments. This is because Informix combines high performance and functionality with minimal administrative requirements, making it the perfect choice for two or three tier IoT architectures where processing is required at the edge (in devices), at collection points (gateway layers), and in the cloud environment (AWS). Combining its transactional speed with its analytical prowess, not to mention unparalleled time series and geo-spatial attributes, Informix is the logical choice for any IoT solution.

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At the Edge

Informix database software incorporates design concepts that are uniquely suited to the challenges in today’s embedded devices, resulting in extremely high levels of performance and availability, with distinctive replication and scalability, and no administrative overhead, taking IoT solution design, deployment, and sustainment closer to plug-n-play.

  • Easily embedded at the edge in devices with an install footprint and memory requirement as low as 64 MB, and hands-free administration
  • Built-in support for time series and spatial / GIS data
  • Analytics built into the database
  • Supports JSON/BSON and SQL apps simultaneously in the same database
  • Scales-out across multiple devices and cloud instances
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In the Cloud

Many IoT implementations will employ a cloud component and it is therefore relevant that Informix runs in the Amazon PaaS (AWS). A multi-tenancy approach is supported with the ability to limit memory and connections for client databases and to restore tenant databases to a point in time. It is also worth noting that Informix works with multiple A.I. engines, which brings any level of cognitive computing to the IoT solution.

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Question: Can the same database run in the cloud and gateway?
Answer: Yes, Informix runs on a variety of hardware devices, from micro-devices to mainframes, on-premise to Cloud environments.

Question: What kinds of IoT data can Informix handle?
Answer: Informix can natively handle JSON, time-series, spatial, and relational data from sensors.

Question: How can applications communicate with Informix?
Answer: Informix has native support for REST, MongoDB API, as well as sensors and apps using MQTT to allow direct insertion of data into Informix.

Question: What makes Informix ideal for IoT solutions?
Answer: All of the above, plus the ability to handle massive amounts of transactional throughput and analytical needs at both the edge and the cloud.