Empowering Communities: Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives | HCLTech
Learning, well-being and career opportunities
Learning, well-being and career opportunities

Empowering Communities

Our long and rich history of giving back to our communities—under the guidance of our Founder, Shiv Nadar—was built on the values of innovation, entrepreneurship, humanity and a people-centric culture.

Supercharging progress, sustainably and in a responsible manner requires the cooperation and contribution of the immediate communities surrounding us. HCLTech contributes progressively to socio-economic and environmental advancement with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The various development activities undertaken by HCLTech throughout the year are guided by the global CSR policy. Our CSR policy binds us to the highest global standards and symbolizes our commitment towards supercharging progress, in a responsible manner through integrated development and sustainable business practices.

Apart from HCLTech’s widespread community initiatives in India, the Company also implements a number of CSR activities in the Americas, Europe and the APAC region. An overview of these CSR activities can be found here

Corporate Social Responsibility