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Progress for a better planet
integrating digital technology and sustainability

Progress for a Better Planet

One of humanity’s greatest challenges is climate change. It is also one of the biggest long-term threats for any business. As an environmentally responsible Company, we recognize our significant role in contributing to global environmental sustainability and responsibly.

Our commitment to operating sustainably is evident in our proactive approach towards addressing critical challenges, particularly climate change. At HCLTech, we have implemented impactful ‘Go Green’ initiatives to protect the environment and embrace our responsibility for water and energy conservation. Through these efforts, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.

Our transformative initiatives that propel us towards a more sustainable future include active pursuit of renewable energy solutions, energy efficiency measures and optimization around water and waste management practices. At HCLTech, we understand that these changes require dedicated investments that can foster innovation and deep collaboration. We recognize that no one has the full solution but that everyone is part of the solution.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy
Transition 80% of our electricity to renewable sources by 2030

Waste management

Waste management
Achieve zero waste to landfill at all owend facilities by 2025

Emission Targets

Emission targets
50% absolute emission redusction on Scope 1 and 2 by 2030, net zero by 2040

Supply Chain Process

Supply chain process
Reduce absolute Scope 3-all other indirect emissions that occur in a company's value chain-GHG emissions by 42%

Carbon offset

Carbon offset
Commit to afforestation, habitat restoration, water conservation and evironment education