Mainframe Technology Testing

What is Mainframe Technology Testing?

Mainframe Technology Testing is the process of ensuring quality business applications by testing mainframe applications with a testing framework. Mainframe applications usually control critical business flows and their architectures and product suites are entirely different from the distributed environment. Hence it is imperative to have a dedicated mainframe technology testing framework. Of late, organisations and service providers have started automating their entire mainframe technology testing framework.


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For world’s leading providers of core banking solutions, HCL partnered with the client and provided services ranging from requirements design, development to implementation, customization and testing of the product across various end customers.


MFMTaaS (Mainframe Managed Tools as a Service) is designed to be a complete cloud of various services that any customer will need across his portfolio. It is a ‘pay as you go service’ designed by HCL MMS Mainframe CoE to address complete portfolio needs of the customer.

It is a one stop solution for the tools. Tools built across technologies will be integrated into MFMTaaS framework and will be made available in the form of cloud services.