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Dynamic Cybersecurity Model for Tech Companies

Bottom line... it’s not a matter of if, but when your company is going to experience a cyber-attack.

Globally dispersed teams, increasing connectivity and rising security threats keep many cybersecurity experts busy 24/7.

Tech companies are especially vulnerable because of the ever-evolving threat landscape that comes with living and breathing technology every day.

Our seasoned team of cybersecurity professionals have helped counter the risks technology companies face with our dynamic cybersecurity model. This framework of governance and continual assessment enables an adaptive and evolving posture while leveraging best-of-breed technologies to focus on four key pillars: people, process, technology and culture.

Dynamic cybersecurity model for tech companies

Dynamic Cybersecurity Solutions for Tech Companies

HCLTech cybersecurity solutions for the tech industry helps to counter the risks and threats they face around the world, 24/7.

Zero Trust

Escalating threats combined with the challenges of a globally dispersed team working from the office and home have put intense pressure on security teams.

HCLTech has Forrester-certified Zero Trust strategists that can help you better understand this approach, identify gaps in your existing security posture and provide industry best practices.

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Zero Trust

Security teams are under intense pressure to secure organizations against emerging and escalating threats such as ransomware and from the challenges of an expanding WFH (work-from-home) workforce.

Zero Trust trust-by-exception has proved to be an effective model. Much of its effectiveness depends on domain maturity, optimizing existing solutions and adopting integrated ones.

HCLTech has helped our clients understand what security solutions be prepared to do and which should be included in every Zero Trust toolbox.

Our offerings include

  • Fortius end-to-end cybersecurity enablement consulting

Application security

In the rush to innovate, build, rollout and market new applications, security often gets compromised. Cyberattackers exploit minor security flaws and vulnerabilities within applications to cause large-scale losses to enterprises.

HCLTech’s application security solution is robust, scalable and business-centric.

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Application security

The rise in open-source libraries in applications have increased vulnerabilities exponentially and resulted in various breaches across the digital landscape.

By moving beyond traditional, siloed approaches, HCLTech equips enterprises with the right methodology to effectively identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

We provide services for every stage of your application development lifecycle:

  • Strategy, consulting and architecture
  • Transformation and integration
  • Managed Security Services
  • AppSec program management
  • Tool implementation (SAST/DAST/SCA)
  • API testing Application security on-demand
  • Application-Security-Assurance-as-a-Service
  • Vulnerability validation

Infrastructure and cloud security

Tech companies often enjoy improved agility and flexibility as a result of cloud and digital technologies. They may also have increased security risks and vulnerabilities.

HCLTech has a dynamic approach to cybersecurity, providing robust visibility and an integrated security ecosystem for your organization.

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Infrastructure and cloud security

With over two decades of experience, HCLTech has an in-depth understanding of the infrastructure and cloud security landscape.

HCLTech’s Infra and Cloud Security services include 360° comprehensive coverage beginning from strategy, consulting and architecture to transformation and integration and managed security services.

HCLTech provides IT transformation and IT Operation services including:

  • Cloud-Security-as-a-Service (CsaaS)
  • Security Intelligence and Analytics (SecIntAI)
  • SPADE – provides a holistic assessment of your security maturity level
  • DIGI-I-FORT: helps you asses all security controls and enhance security governance for data centers and critical systems
Case Studies

Cybersecurity Case Studies for Tech Organizations

Learn how HCLTech helps technology companies improve enterprise security and resiliency.

Why HCLTech for Your
Cybersecurity Initiatives?

Hackers and identity thieves don’t sit still – and neither do we. Our dynamic posture towards cybersecurity keeps us constantly moving forward.

Our global team has an in-depth knowledge of new threat vectors, the regulatory landscape and the resiliency you need to protect your customers and your business.

We can help you with strategy, consulting and architecture services, managed services or a full transformation and integration to bring your security vision to life.


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