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Leverage the as-a-Service economy

Today’s As-a-Service Model

Subscriptions are nothing new, but...

AI/ML offer additional customer analytics and insights, 5G and IoT help with metering usage-based models and data continues to flow. Tapping into existing frameworks and models to make sense of everything is key to your success.

HCLTech has created focused offerings for tech companies that are starting, expanding or modernizing their subscription services. Our years of experience have given us the insights to develop frameworks for subscription services so you can quickly go from MVP to a transformational experience for your customers.

Today’s as-a-Service model

Subscription Services Solutions

Explore HCLTech solutions for modernization and refinement of subscription models.

SaaS migration factory

No matter your maturity level in the subscription economy, HCLTech is ready to help with customer-centric, comprehensive solutions including multi-tiered subscription fees, consumption-based pricing, complete contract lifecycle management and discounting structure.

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SaaS Migration Factory

If you are an ISV or software provider, you may be on a massive journey of re-architecting your products and making them cloud compatible and cloud native. Gartner predicts the 15%-20% rate of growth in SaaS to continue.

We’re excited to accelerate your migration journey to SaaS. Inspired by a factory delivery model for cloud migration and SaaSification, we start with 20+ accelerators to showcase MVP launch within 25 weeks of the start of an engagement (a 33% acceleration in time to market).

Our offerings include

  • Cloud enablement and re-platform
  • Re-architect: Microservices/API, Containerize, CX / UX modernization
  • Multi-tenant SaaS
  • FinOps for SaaS

Professional-Services-as-a-Service (PSaaS)

Go beyond the “sell to” partnership model to a “sell with” model that improves customer satisfaction and provides services stability during scaling and acquisitions.

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Professional-Services-as-a-Service (PSaaS)

Our Professional-Services-as-a-Service raises professional services to a strategic partnership level.

When your software product is doing well in the market, you will need a team of solution experts on demand who can support your presales with demos, run implementations and provide ongoing support for your customers across the globe.

HCLTech provides a global, diverse pool of talent with deep understanding of your products to support your customers from demo / proof of concept to implementations, upgrades, integrations and more.

For ISVs, HCLTech provides a global talent pool for easy scalability across regions to work as an extension of your professional services team servicing your end customers.

  • Advisory consulting (Day 0 support)
  • Implementation and roll-out services (Day 1 support)
  • End customer L2 support and cloud operations (Day 2 support)
  • Upgrades (Day 2 support)
  • Telemetry and analytics

Subscription model for XaaS

Your end customers are expecting to buy everything as-a-service (XaaS). Are you ready to give them this option?

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Subscription model for XaaS

The subscription business model transformation from traditional models to subscription requires enterprise-wide changes in customer engagement, QTC, finance, order fulfilment and after-sales services. HCLTech can help.

Our ADvantage Commerce framework spans from Subscription and Recurring Billing Management (SRBM) to Configure Price Quote (CPQ) to digital commerce.

HCLTech provides IT transformation and IT Operation services including:

  • Subscription order management
  • Subscription billing and invoicing
  • Order fulfilment
  • Customer Experience 360

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

At the center of success in the subscription economy, CPQ business models often need to transform and adapt to the changing dynamics of the market and channel requirements.

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

HCLTech helps ISVs, online and platforms and consumer electronics companies modernize their CPQ models for subscription offerings, helping them keep pace with changing customer demands.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

As you modernize your as-a-service models, you have to make sure your partner management processes are also aligned. This helps to decrease friction across your partner channels.

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Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

It’s important to keep the disruption at a minimum throughout your partner network as you modernize and expand your as-a-Service offerings.

HCLTech has robust partner relationship management (PRM) solutions that leverage the right technologies to support and scale enterprises, providing opportunities for personalization, automation and self-service.

Case Studies

Subscription Services Case Studies for Tech Companies

Learn how HCLTech helped technology companies leverage the as-a-service economy.

Why HCLTech for Your as-a-
Service Initiatives?

Since the move to the subscription model began, HCLTech has been at the forefront of the as-a-service economy. Our clients are some of the top ISVs and software companies in the world, and we have enabled their journey from the early days of SaaSification.

Subscription customers demand seamless, low-friction experiences, and our frameworks and accelerators have been built from years of R&D. Our clients benefit from our experience and accelerate their innovation, allowing them to keep up with – and often surpass – their competition.


Currently the largest partner at two of the world’s top ISVs

4 of the top 5

Global ISVs had SaaSification enabled by HCLTech


Reduction in cloud migration time