Customer Experience Management (CEM) 360 Solution | HCLTech


Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) 360 helps ensure quantifiable business outcomes during digital transformation initiatives.

The Communication Service Provider (CSP) segment is at an inflection point with consumer-centric content consumption models, tech disruption, and predictive analytics. These factors are transforming the role of CSPs in today’s dynamic marketplace. CSPs have probably taken the longest to recognize this shift in consumer expectation, given that they trail other consumer-oriented industries in average CSAT scores. Influenced by this climate of challenge and change, organizations are now looking for new ways to enthuse and engage customers with the intention of delivering cross/up sell services. However, intense competition and commoditization of voice and data services have seen CSPs scrambling to retain customers at depleting ARPUs (Average Revenue per User).

What’s required is a robust customer experience management software framework that ensures deeper connectivity and boosted efficiency. We work closely with marquee brands and help transform consumer experiences through our new age telecom solution – Customer Experience Management 360. Our customer experience management solutions are built around a human-centric approach across all customer experience channels. This ensures improved satisfaction among customers, partners, employees, and affiliates. Stakeholders can now access services, information, care, and content at their finger-tips, coupled with a consistent and seamless experience regardless of the channel of interaction.

Customer Experience Management 360’s deepest impact is at the user experience layer. Our solution streamlines, automates, and optimizes underlying processes and service orchestrations. Consequently, service windows for ordering, provisioning, activation, field service, and care transactions are substantially reduced. This has enabled our customers achieve multiple business gains, such as increased CSAT/NPS, diminished care and sales costs via digital conversion, reduced churn, and enhanced brand equity, recalibrating the foundations of digital customer experience management.