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The manufacturing industry is at a tipping point. Manufacturers want to innovate and transform their operations on the path to Industry 4.0, but are constrained with the challenges of integrating legacy IT systems that make it difficult to shift to just-in-time practices for production, order management, fulfilment, and shipping.

A hybrid cloud model offers manufacturers a fresh approach to modernize their IT stacks, while providing them with the flexibility and scalability to be more responsive to ever-changing business demands in areas such as production, customer information systems and supply chain management.

As manufacturers continue digital transformation and accelerate their transition toward Industry 4.0, their adoption of hybrid cloud environments will follow a parallel path. This helps explain why hybrid cloud deployments in the manufacturing industry are expected to more than double their 2019 levels in 2021, while outpacing the global average for hybrid cloud penetration in other industries by 4%, according to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index.

HCLTech published this whitepaper in collaboration with HMG Strategy based on the discussion during the virtual roundtable attended by key leaders and experts from the manufacturing industry.






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Key industry facts

A survey of 3,400 IT decision-makers around the world conducted by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Nutanix, reveals that strategic business outcomes are driving manufacturers and companies in other industries to a hybrid cloud model, more so than pure economics.

76% IT decision-makers said COVID-19 has caused IT to be viewed more strategically in their organizations

86% IT decision-makers consider hybrid their ideal operating model

92% IT decision-makers who currently run on-premises infrastructure have deployed or plan to deploy hyper-converged infrastructure

46% IT decision-makers improved support for customers and remote workers

40% IT decision-makers achieved stronger data security

55% IT decision-makers delivered better on business requirements

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Mike Skibo

Mike Skibo

Vice President, Information Technology
Dover Corporation

Paul Wilner

Paul Wilner

Vice President & CIO
Pall Corporation

Piyush Saxena

Piyush Saxena

VP & Head, Hybrid Cloud Services

Shankar Gopalkrishnan

Shankar Gopalkrishnan

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

Hunter Muller

Hunter Muller

President & CEO
HMG Strategy

Hunter Muller

Patrick Thompson

Albemarle Corporation

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