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The future frontline workforce: Empowered by technology

Often overlooked, organizations are now looking to empower frontline workers with IT and technology transformation
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Rakshit Ghura
Rakshit Ghura
Senior Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services
4 minutes read
The future frontline workforce: Empowered by technology

Frontline workers are extremely crucial for any organization. The pandemic only brought to focus what critical role these employees play in keeping businesses and communities running.

Despite their criticality, frontline workers' experience has often been overlooked as companies accelerate digitalization of products, services and customer interaction.

So, what’s caused the frontline workers, who number around 2.7 billion people globally (almost twice as many as desk-based workers) according to Gartner, to be left behind and overlooked? As we look closely patterns emerge.

The traditional workplace and the frontline worker

The primary reason is that traditional workplace transformation approaches have been non inclusive, siloed and not accommodative of the unique needs of frontline workers who follow different work patterns. They also work in very different kinds of workplaces, stores, factories, rigs, hospitals and so on. In addition, it was largely believed only operation tech (OT) and not IT initiatives mattered for these employees.

Some of the common challenges that HCLTech has observed are:

  1. Absence of or limited best of breed technology and resources available
  2. Constrained adoption of modern and innovative technology amongst them
  3. Lack of training to bridge the skill gap and be dexterous with technology
  4. Difficultly in contextualization as they don’t work in 9 to 5 schedule and their workspace set up is uniquely different
  5. Since frontline workers don’t usually follow a desk based working regime they are often disconnected and alienated from workplace communications and rituals

Progressive organizations now are increasingly realizing the power of IT and workplace transformation initiatives in improving not only frontline workers’ productivity, but also their experiences, wellness and safety.

HCLTech's Digital Workplace Services utilizes its extensive catalogue, encompassing every aspect of the business to employee value chain, with commitment to supporting frontline employees and delivering on the promise of equitable experiences for all personas as a key outcome.

Towards the same outcome or the common goal, Microsoft, Zebra and HCLTech have joined hands with a comprehensive portfolio ranging from ruggedized, purpose-built devices, frontline support services and AI, automation and NLP centric platforms and IPs that can radically transform the productivity, engagement, experiences and wellness and safety of frontline employees backed by global implementation and integration experience of HCLTech.

Frontline workers are critical to the success of every organization, and it is imperative to empower them with the right tools and solutions. HCLTech, Microsoft and Zebra have partnered to develop a comprehensive offering suite that helps enhance productivity, deliver equitable experiences, enhance collaboration with the wider organization and take care of their safety and wellness.

Digital workplace transformations that include frontline workers can unlock a world of benefits to enterprises.

  1. Cost Optimization – Reduce losses from human error, miscommunication and skill gaps among frontline employees
  2. Enhanced Productivity - Industry best technology significantly improves efficiency and reduces the turnaround time for regular task
  3. Improved Experience & Retention – Tech assisted unifying experience instills employee trust, makes them feel cared for and connected with the larger organization

The world is starting to see the benefits technology offers in improving the future of the frontline workforce. An inclusive workplace transformation approach is the need of the hour, especially for industries with employees at the forefront of business. Companies must align their goals with the requirements of their employees to build a bounteous work culture for all stakeholders.

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