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Volvo Ocean race is the world’s longest & toughest ocean race, visiting 12 ports, covering 4 oceans across 45000 nautical miles and taking about nine months to complete. It’s regarded as an exceptional test of sailing prowess and human endeavor, with world’s premiere sailors battling the elements in a test of teamwork, skill, and endurance.


HCL Technologies, as Official IT services partner, is connecting the 3mn race village visitors, 5k journalists, & tens of millions of fans around the world. We provide the fans, media & stakeholders with a more connected experience than ever before. Our IT solutions for the race move in parallel for 12 ports across the globe, making it one of the swiftest implementations and replications of IT solutions.


A multi-channel digital campaign, that aims to bring the fans closer to the race, and Decision Makers across the globe understand what technology can do for them. The race is the toughest challenge a sailor can overcome in the world. With the same spirit HCL aims at pushing the limits of what technology can do and showcase the #MadeForTough journey to all its stakeholders.

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